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So far I am still going on my goal of working out everyday for the month.  I would love to say that the scale reflects this but sadly it does not. Obviously my food choices need to be looked at. I am sure giving up my coffee and switching back to tea would help.  Right now I care alot more about the exercise than I do the food.  I am emotional and like to eat. That has not changed after losing +130lbs .  Exercise makes me feel capable in one area of my life when I feel like I am failing in so many other ways.  I made a dessert last night to share with John. I told myself that it was valentines day and shouldn’t count in my challenge to go dessert free for the rest of the month. Of course that was just an excuse lol.  The truth is that I like to eat and wanted something sweet and gooey. Which is fine as long as I admit the reason and don’t  try to justify it in other ways. I don’t want to be hiding in the kitchen taking extra bites of something trying to keep it a secret. If I want something I want to admit why and then openly have it in front of my family. Of course none of this is really about the baked apples I had but about the fact that I want to eat for emotional reasons .



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I am so happy to be back online. I went for 16 days with no internet and it was awful 😉 I still used my iPhone to check emails and FB but nothing else.  16 is also the number of days in a row I have worked out. I challenged myself to go on the treadmill for the whole month of February but started in the last few days of Jan. Somedays have been a challenge and I have found myself changing out of my pj’s at 9:30 pm and forcing myself to get on. Other days have been awesome. I also started running. I used to just run 2 mins walk 2 mins and that was it but now i have gotten up to running for 20 mins straight. That is a huge deal for me .I have NEVER ever ran for 20 mins.  Weight is not doing so great  but  whatever. John has done amazing  since joining a weight loss challenge at work . He is at around 15 lbs gone in 4 weeks. So proud of him. My newest challenge is to also go until the end of the month with no desserts. No more apple crisp for me 😦

Yesterday was 4 months since our grandson has come to live with us. Boy has time just flown by.it’s hard to imagine life without him most days.The other kids are doing great and we have been working really hard at school this month.Colton got a couple of teeth pulled and now has a space retainer in his mouth.Braces will probably come in 8-10 months . He is getting so big and strong .Makenna is loving her art classes and is so excited for each new class. Braden just wants to go on the computer or read books about war.  He can be a geek somedays lol.

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Dr. Appointment

So today was the dreaded Dr. appointment for my MRI results. I actually was not worried or nervous when I went. I figured it was probably what we already knew. Anyways after all their medical mumbo jumbo (I have a print out of the report) it comes down to having degenerative disks . At the time of the MRI my nerves were not being pinched but were very close . I could have told them that since I didn’t have the pain that day lol. Anyways unless my flare-up were lasting a couple of months he wouldn’t recommend surgery and I can honestly say that unless I pretty much can’t function I won’t be having surgery. Are you kidding me ? I am a big old wimp for ANY medical procedure. I need to be working on my stretches and the way I sit etc and mostly I am going to leave it up to prayer for awhile.  God has done mighty things in many other areas of my life . Although I find my Dr. a bit of a pill pusher and he annoys me somedays he sure is good for my ego. Everytime I see him he complements and encourages me  telling me I look amazing and all that good stuff. I admit I LOVE IT!!!  LOL.  I asked him to peek at Makenna’s ears since she isn’t feeling well and told me this morning her ear hurt. Sure enough both ears are infected but so is her throat. Her throat has been sore all week. He said it was filled with little pus sacs. YUCK !!!!! Anyways she is on meds but she felt pretty sick after the first dose so I plan to keep a close watch on her when she takes her next one. Colton had two teeth pulled this week and gets his space retainer put in at the orthodontist this week. Braden is just Braden , goofy as ever but healthy. Ryker is busy as ever , taking steps along the couch and playing the piano. Just regular old life around here.In the weight area I was down about 1 1/2 lbs so far. Not alot but concidering I haven’t started really trying it is pretty good.

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So back in December I saw my Dr. for my back . I already kind of knew what the problem was but he sent me for x-rays which showed that both of my bottom vertebrae were pressed down pinching on nerves. He wanted me to have an MRI  also. Monday afternoon I got a phone call that there were some cancellations and they could get me in that night. Otherwise I was looking at a 4 month wait. I was pretty nervous and was worried that I might panic but it went pretty well. I was told my Dr. would get the results in 5-10 days . (standard answer ) I already received a phone call this morning from my Dr. office calling me in to discuss my results. That is only 2 1/2 days after my test. Makes me nervous. I am sure it is just that they were quick but it still makes me  a little worried. They only had a really early appointment for me early next week so I decided to wait until next saturday so I could go in a little later and John will be home.  Not that I wouldn’t have gone in early if I had to but it’s not  so fun taking 4 kids into the dr. office with me. The downside of course is now I have longer to sit and worry about it.

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First weigh in

Well I stepped on the scale this morning too see how week one went and the scale was EXACTLY the same. Yup not a pound lost. Kind of sucks but I know I didn’t always work at it the hardest. I could make all sorts of excuses like it’s the week I start my cycle , my “plumbing ” hasn’t been working for the last few days etc etc but when all is said and done it won’t change the numbers.  So it’s a new week and time to keep at it and not feel discouraged and quit.

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Happy Anniversary

I can not believe that John and I have been married for 13  years today. Time has just gone so quickly and it seems like life is just flying by me. We didn’t do anything super special tonight . We sent our children to the basement with a pizza , 3 pop and 3 spoons . We told them the could raid ice cream from the freezer and we had 2 hrs of quieter (still had the 8 month old ) time. Hubby made BBQ steak and potatoes. We also had a yummy apple /blueberry crisp for dessert.  I  made sure to workout extra hard for that dessert. I am hoping to have a 2lb loss this week. The scale shows that already but I know how much it can fluctuate  so we will see what happens monday morning.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!!!  It was a nice Christmas for our family and not too busy. We did travel to SK for a few days but otherwise things were pretty low-key which was fine by us. This week things are heading towards normal again and we are all settling back into our daily routine. Well as much as possible considering we are far from normal and don’t really have a routine. Kids started back to sports class last night and Makenna is starting art lessons next week . She is very excited. Of course they all have lists of things they want to learn. Braden really wants to learn a language  so we signed up on a free Spanish site but I know we really need something a bit better. It was fun to fool around with but you get what you pay for .He also really wants to learn violin soon. I  need to really look into getting his violin stringed  and finding a teacher. Colton wants to look at some woodworking and still wants to play his guitar. Makenna enjoys the piano but would really love voice lessons. She got a video camera for Christmas since she likes to make little videos all the time. There are no big New Years resolutions for me  this year . I would certainly love to lose another 20-25 lbs but  just really want to “feel” fit. . This week I started back to working out and watching what I am eating. My “new” starting weight is 189 and I am hoping by summer to see around 165 -170. Time to start paying attention again and putting forth some effort. This needs to be a way of living for life.

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Merry Christmas

Yeah I am still “around” here somewhere.  It seems like a broken record but I really do think about blogging all the time yet never seem to make it on here. Life with a baby in the house is still fairly busy but I am loving every moment of it. I find myself able to take the time to enjoy him in ways that I didn’t with my own babies. They were so close together (3 in 2.5 yrs) and I spent my days just trying to survive in many ways. Now I can actually slow down and enjoy things. Something I still need to learn to do more often with the older kids. Treasure the cuddle times and the reading of just one more chapter before they are all grown up. This has been such a big year for me. So many changes have taken place  and when I look back to life a year ago things seem so different.  Dec. 26th last year I weighed in at 246 , now I am at 186. I wanted to add *still* in there but I am trying to see how far I have come and get over the fact that I will not reach my goal for this year. I will be close to my goal of 180 but unless I make some major changes I will not be reaching it.  In a way it makes me feel like I have failed . Back in July when I hit this weight I figured it would be NO PROBLEM to reach my goal or well below by years end. HA . My Dr. says it is good for my body to have a little rest  and to look at how far I have come and stop looking at the 6 pounds I haven’t lost. Easier said than done. With that though , most days I don’t really care . I am being lazy , I am enjoying baking and I am going to have to learn how to balance that. And be thankful that I haven’t actually gained any weight. Last Christmas we didn’t have alot of contact with our eldest daughter and we didn’t have a grandson yet. This year she will be spending Christmas with us and he is a blessing everyday he is in our lives. It is so exciting for us to watch him grow and learn . Our kids have changed and grown so much this year. Not just physically but in their faith also and in their day to day lives. There were many tough times this year and yet so very many blessings also. Sometimes I need to stop and remember just how much I have to be thanful for.

John and I




















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Still around

Wow I can not believe how long it has been since I have blogged. I know it sounds so lame but life really has been crazy around here. Our 7 month old grandson has been living with us for the last 6 weeks so life has really changed. Back to bottles and diapers along with TEETHING. 5 teeth in the 6 weeks he has been here. So between school , house and all the kiddos I haven’t taken any time to really get back to blogging. I still hope to share the rest of our holiday on here and hopefully I will find away to balance my time better to get back at it. I have been awful at reading blogs too. Weight loss is standing still but I am not complaining about it too much. I feel ungrateful to complain about the last few pounds when I have come so far. I need to find away to tame my sweet tooth though. I started baking on holidays and have just kept on with it. Apple crisp is my favorite right now.All in all life is pretty good right now , emotional at times for certain but still so many blessing to be thankful for.Now that I have jumped back in with this post hopefully I will find my way to continue on.

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Continuing our Journey

Sept 13th

Ok it is very hard to keep up with writing about our jouney . We are on the go from morning until night and then we just crash in our beds .We took in alot of sights up at Fort Stevens.We went into Astoria first thing Wednesday morning to grab some groceries and check out the local attractions. Since I didn’t bring much food with us across the border we needed alot. Once we were done that we stopped at the local tourist information center where we met the most helpful gentleman. Of all the info centers we stopped at no one was as helpful as this man. He showed us on a town map places to go and then also helped us finding places to visit all along the coast.We went back to the 5th wheel to drop off our food and make lunch before starting on our rounds. We went to the actual Fort  after lunch where we signed up for a truck tour that took us to all the old building sights. The sign had been wrong at the campground and both tours we wanted were at the same time so we choose to go back the next day and do the walking one on our own.The kids really loved climbing on everything and we found it very amusing that some of the things were actually built as a defense incase the English were able to attack coming down through CANADA ! HAHA this gave everyone on the truck a good laugh. WE did learn alot of really interesting information even if it wasn’t history from our own country . (really makes me excited to take a family trip across Canada one day )

The old batteries

The truck we took the tour in. The back has 2 benches.

The kids loved this.

On the side of the Battery

Back in Astoria we drove up to the Astoria Column. It looks like one of the stacks from our local power plants but it actually has spiral stairs (160 +) inside where you can walk up to an observation deck on the top. It is a steep windy road up to the column and it even states no traffic after dark allowed but it sure was cool. Once we got there we went in the gift shop to grab some postcards and then headed into the Column. I started up the stairs and got about halfway before I looked down and decided I was high enough. Many other people stayed at the bottom so I didn’t feel too bad. John and the kids went all the way up and looked over all the town.

The Column

Stairs inside

View from the top

We also parked downtown and walked on the pier to see the Sea Lions. They are really quite a nuisance around here and fill the docks at times. They were interesting to watch though. As we left the pier we hopped on the Trolley for a ride . They were training we got on so we didn’t have to pay and we were able to go all the way to the end of the line and back before we got off.


Sea Lions

Sea Lions

On the trolley car

Still on the Trolley

John and I on the docks

Back at the campground we walked down to the Beach and saw the remains of the Peter Iredale. We had taken in 2 ranger programs at the park and the one called “Graveyard of the Pacific” was very interesting . It talked about all the ships that had wrecked in this area  , more than 2000 in the last 200 yrs. They say it is one of the most dangerous crossings in the world. We saw a slide show talking about many of the ships and the fact that we were able to go our and climb on the iron frame of a ship that had sunk back in 1906 was amazing. Most ships sink down after a few yrs and to have one there over 100 yrs later was very cool.

The Peter Iredale

Kids at the Peter Iredale

We also took “Fort Stevens Most UN Wanted” which was a Ranger program on animals. The kids went up and participated in the presentation with the Ranger. Makenna was a skunk and they did a game showing how far a skunk can spray. The boys played that with her and they also were up doing an experiment showing how sensitive a raccoons paws are.

Another place we went to in Astoria was the Columbia River Maritime Museum. We only had 1 1/2 hrs here and could have used alittle longer but we were still able to make it through the whole thing. We went on the Lightship Columbia there also and had a blast climbing through it all.

Coast Gaurd Display.

Going down on the lightship

Up on deck

In the 2 full days we had at Fort Stevens we went to the Fort twice , went up the Column , rode the Trolley , watched the Sea Lions , played on the beach and saw the ship, went to the Museum, went to SeaSide to the Outlet Mall , took in 2 Ranger Programs and drove back into Washington across the bridge and went to a Lighthouse . I would say busy was an understatement for our time there.

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