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So I haven’t blogged lately BUT I was gone far far away on holidays. Ok not really but I was camping with the kids 5 minutes down the road for 2 weeks. We had a great time , lots of fun but not exactly a relaxing vacation. That’s ok though. The kids LOVED having their friends come stay with us and we spent alot of hrs on the beach when the weather was nice. John was off for some of the time and then on 2 seperate days a group of ladies came out for the afternoon on the beach.Ryker was pretty good which was my biggest concern . This is the hardest age to camp with them.

I came home weighing exactly what I did when I left  YAY!!!!  Not that I am happy with that weight but last yr I gained 5 pounds on EVERY camping trip I took.  I am still 16 pounds heavier than I was a yr ago but I am working at it. Got back into working out in the last week and am starting to go to a ladies workout 2x a week here in town. Just a group of ladies with no instructor doing some circuits.  I let Jillian kick my A$$ again today too. It felt GREAT. I have definitely been a grumpy mommy lately and sometime just going for a walk helps me have a better attitude.


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