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Happy Father’s Day

I am so thankful to my hubby on this father’s day. So many times I want to think on the negative and all the things I think he doesn’t do or doesn’t say but I know he loves me and our kids and shows us in so many ways everyday. Just the fact that he goes to work everyday with the pain he is in shows how much he loves us. The love we have amazes me some days. It is hard to picture anyone being able to love each other the way we do.

I ¬†find Father’s Day hard since my dad passed away. I wish I could give him one last phone call to say I love you . So many regrets ūüė¶ ¬†Wish I had invited him to my wedding instead of being angry at him . I was watching a wedding show the other day feeling all sad because I have never even tried on a wedding dress and feel like I missed out but I think on of the things that makes me sad is that I never walked down the aisle on my dad’s arm. Regardless of all his MANY issues I loved him so very much and still miss him like crazy. I can still hear him saying ” Jim you little shit”. I try ¬†not to let my feelings make father’s day sad for the rest of my family. I want my children to rejoice in their father today and not worry about mommy being sad.


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