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Yeah I know , I don’t blog anymore.  Faceb00k is just so much easier and quicker too.  Another issue is really that I am feeling pretty low with myself and therefore don’t have a lot that I want to share. The scale is slowly creeping up a pound at a time and as of this morning I have gained back 16 lbs since last July.  No need to do the math yourself , the scale read 203.8 this morning. UGH!!!! I am SOOOOOO disappointed in myself. It’s like a rollercoaster that I just can’t get off of. I know the problem , I am fully aware of the fact that I turn to food when I am emotional about ANYTHING.  I let myself not really care anymore , the “new” me had gotten to be old news. It became hard so I quit. That really is the truth. So now it’s time to wipe away the tears , face the scale and get back at it. My first goal is to get back into the 100’s. So I am going to blog about this for ME ! . Not for anyone else but to keep me accountable to myself , to remember the journey .Today is a new day !


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