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March News

Well it is March now and I made it through my exercise challenge for February. I am sure happy to be done it though. Not that I am not still working out but I need the freedom from “having” to do it. The scale says the exact same as it did on January 1st. BUT I do know that I have gotten stronger and toner in areas. I have been doing a DVD using weights that really makes a big difference. For March we are doing a different challenge as a family. We each get ONE hour of TV a week.  It is hard. The evenings are fine  but I am missing my morning news. I used mine up already watching the Biggest Loser. Good thing I had it on PVR so that between skipping commercials and a few slow parts I was able to watch the 2 hr episode in 1 hr.  Makenna is done her time already but the boys are saving it up to have a little marathon I think. I LOVE PVR. Come April 1st I will be catching up on all my missed shows. Not that I really watch anything besides Village on a Diet , Biggest Loser and American Idol. School has been pretty good this last little while also . Partly because I am more organized , and partly because I am looking at things alittle different. My computer time lately has been taken up with reading homeschool stuff.  Pictures will be soon to follow of some of our cool things. I am also trying to put together a few cool summer learning themes and John is working on some science experiments for our camping trips. We have new kittens , born on Feb 26th. The boys watched one being born and thought it was cool and gross at the same time. The cat curled up next to Braden and he said ” She has something hanging out of her butt!”  Only 3 of the little ones which is good. Pictures to follow soon of them too. March is becoming my month of personal reflection I guess. Not sure how else to put it. Alot of heart searching going on , inner changes which will hopefully bring outward changes.  My morning prayer everyday is ” Lord use me in my children’s lives today ”  I want to be a better mom and to do that I need to be moldable and willing to make the changes God asks of me.


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