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Dr. Appointment

So today was the dreaded Dr. appointment for my MRI results. I actually was not worried or nervous when I went. I figured it was probably what we already knew. Anyways after all their medical mumbo jumbo (I have a print out of the report) it comes down to having degenerative disks . At the time of the MRI my nerves were not being pinched but were very close . I could have told them that since I didn’t have the pain that day lol. Anyways unless my flare-up were lasting a couple of months he wouldn’t recommend surgery and I can honestly say that unless I pretty much can’t function I won’t be having surgery. Are you kidding me ? I am a big old wimp for ANY medical procedure. I need to be working on my stretches and the way I sit etc and mostly I am going to leave it up to prayer for awhile.  God has done mighty things in many other areas of my life . Although I find my Dr. a bit of a pill pusher and he annoys me somedays he sure is good for my ego. Everytime I see him he complements and encourages me  telling me I look amazing and all that good stuff. I admit I LOVE IT!!!  LOL.  I asked him to peek at Makenna’s ears since she isn’t feeling well and told me this morning her ear hurt. Sure enough both ears are infected but so is her throat. Her throat has been sore all week. He said it was filled with little pus sacs. YUCK !!!!! Anyways she is on meds but she felt pretty sick after the first dose so I plan to keep a close watch on her when she takes her next one. Colton had two teeth pulled this week and gets his space retainer put in at the orthodontist this week. Braden is just Braden , goofy as ever but healthy. Ryker is busy as ever , taking steps along the couch and playing the piano. Just regular old life around here.In the weight area I was down about 1 1/2 lbs so far. Not alot but concidering I haven’t started really trying it is pretty good.


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So back in December I saw my Dr. for my back . I already kind of knew what the problem was but he sent me for x-rays which showed that both of my bottom vertebrae were pressed down pinching on nerves. He wanted me to have an MRI  also. Monday afternoon I got a phone call that there were some cancellations and they could get me in that night. Otherwise I was looking at a 4 month wait. I was pretty nervous and was worried that I might panic but it went pretty well. I was told my Dr. would get the results in 5-10 days . (standard answer ) I already received a phone call this morning from my Dr. office calling me in to discuss my results. That is only 2 1/2 days after my test. Makes me nervous. I am sure it is just that they were quick but it still makes me  a little worried. They only had a really early appointment for me early next week so I decided to wait until next saturday so I could go in a little later and John will be home.  Not that I wouldn’t have gone in early if I had to but it’s not  so fun taking 4 kids into the dr. office with me. The downside of course is now I have longer to sit and worry about it.

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First weigh in

Well I stepped on the scale this morning too see how week one went and the scale was EXACTLY the same. Yup not a pound lost. Kind of sucks but I know I didn’t always work at it the hardest. I could make all sorts of excuses like it’s the week I start my cycle , my “plumbing ” hasn’t been working for the last few days etc etc but when all is said and done it won’t change the numbers.  So it’s a new week and time to keep at it and not feel discouraged and quit.

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Happy Anniversary

I can not believe that John and I have been married for 13  years today. Time has just gone so quickly and it seems like life is just flying by me. We didn’t do anything super special tonight . We sent our children to the basement with a pizza , 3 pop and 3 spoons . We told them the could raid ice cream from the freezer and we had 2 hrs of quieter (still had the 8 month old ) time. Hubby made BBQ steak and potatoes. We also had a yummy apple /blueberry crisp for dessert.  I  made sure to workout extra hard for that dessert. I am hoping to have a 2lb loss this week. The scale shows that already but I know how much it can fluctuate  so we will see what happens monday morning.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!!!  It was a nice Christmas for our family and not too busy. We did travel to SK for a few days but otherwise things were pretty low-key which was fine by us. This week things are heading towards normal again and we are all settling back into our daily routine. Well as much as possible considering we are far from normal and don’t really have a routine. Kids started back to sports class last night and Makenna is starting art lessons next week . She is very excited. Of course they all have lists of things they want to learn. Braden really wants to learn a language  so we signed up on a free Spanish site but I know we really need something a bit better. It was fun to fool around with but you get what you pay for .He also really wants to learn violin soon. I  need to really look into getting his violin stringed  and finding a teacher. Colton wants to look at some woodworking and still wants to play his guitar. Makenna enjoys the piano but would really love voice lessons. She got a video camera for Christmas since she likes to make little videos all the time. There are no big New Years resolutions for me  this year . I would certainly love to lose another 20-25 lbs but  just really want to “feel” fit. . This week I started back to working out and watching what I am eating. My “new” starting weight is 189 and I am hoping by summer to see around 165 -170. Time to start paying attention again and putting forth some effort. This needs to be a way of living for life.

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