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Merry Christmas

Yeah I am still “around” here somewhere.  It seems like a broken record but I really do think about blogging all the time yet never seem to make it on here. Life with a baby in the house is still fairly busy but I am loving every moment of it. I find myself able to take the time to enjoy him in ways that I didn’t with my own babies. They were so close together (3 in 2.5 yrs) and I spent my days just trying to survive in many ways. Now I can actually slow down and enjoy things. Something I still need to learn to do more often with the older kids. Treasure the cuddle times and the reading of just one more chapter before they are all grown up. This has been such a big year for me. So many changes have taken place  and when I look back to life a year ago things seem so different.  Dec. 26th last year I weighed in at 246 , now I am at 186. I wanted to add *still* in there but I am trying to see how far I have come and get over the fact that I will not reach my goal for this year. I will be close to my goal of 180 but unless I make some major changes I will not be reaching it.  In a way it makes me feel like I have failed . Back in July when I hit this weight I figured it would be NO PROBLEM to reach my goal or well below by years end. HA . My Dr. says it is good for my body to have a little rest  and to look at how far I have come and stop looking at the 6 pounds I haven’t lost. Easier said than done. With that though , most days I don’t really care . I am being lazy , I am enjoying baking and I am going to have to learn how to balance that. And be thankful that I haven’t actually gained any weight. Last Christmas we didn’t have alot of contact with our eldest daughter and we didn’t have a grandson yet. This year she will be spending Christmas with us and he is a blessing everyday he is in our lives. It is so exciting for us to watch him grow and learn . Our kids have changed and grown so much this year. Not just physically but in their faith also and in their day to day lives. There were many tough times this year and yet so very many blessings also. Sometimes I need to stop and remember just how much I have to be thanful for.

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