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No Longer OBESE

Yep !!! That”s right , I just checked my BMI and I have finally left the OBESE category. LOL After all this time I have now just entered the “overweight” category.  HAHAHA!!!!! I honestly don’t put alot of value on these charts but I just thought it was funny that I am now finally not “obese” according to “THEM”


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WOW , I had ALOT of people look at my post yesterday.  I shared the link on Facebook with much trepidation. Part of me doesn’t want people I used to know to see where I was.  I have posted before about not wanting people to have negative comments about my weight. The truth is I can’t control anyones thoughts and comments . As I told my mom yesterday ” The embarrassed feelings are all worth it if I am able to let just one person know that they too can do it ” That is my goal . Yes I thank you for you kind words and comments on FB but the point in all of this is for you to know you are not alone. Yes it is hard to lose weight and get healthier , it does take time and effort BUT YOU CAN DO IT ! It is possible without diet pills , surgery or some extreme program.  The old saying of ” Eat less move more ” is really just the truth. For myself I did not count calories or fat grams. I didn’t follow anyones diet and exercise program.  I gave up ALL processed foods. Most people would not want to eat that extreme (I don’t either). When I say ALL that’s really what I mean . Including things like condiments .It’s really not that fun and I wouldn”t have done it by choice and don’t expect anyone else to either.That being said there is alot of junk in those boxes and cans of food.Things labled “diet” food are FULL of chemicals .Filling our bodies with all these additives is really very harmful. Just know that you are worth it  and there is no price on feeling HEALTHY !

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A year in review

I can’t believe that it has been a year already since I began this crazy life style.I remember when I left the allergists  and it didn’t seem like it would be such a hard change. Boy was I wrong. At moments it has seemed overwhelming  and I become so very frustrated . I wouldn’t go back though. It was one of the best things to happen to me. I had a 24 lbs loss already before the big changes began. So out of 132 lbs in total gone 108 of them have been in the last 365 days. Not only has my body gone through a huge metamorphosis but so has the rest of me.  I am very much the same person I was before I lost weight YET I am a totally different one too. Parts of me are more confident than ever BUT there is also the side of me that has never been so insecure about myself  and need so much reassurance. Funny how things work like that.Physically the changes have been unbelievable. Really some days I don’t believe it !!!! I am happy and would never want to go back  to feeling physically unwell. There are many things in live you can’t control but this is something I can really have alot of control over. I can’t seem to control my emotions but I CAN control what I put in my mouth.

There are so many things I do now that I take for granted already. Walking , running , biking with my kids is not difficult anymore. I might not always feel like it  LOL BUT I CAN DO IT! I usually don’t need to stop and take a break , most often the kids are the ones complaining about being tired. I can run up and down the stairs in my house many times a day and not feel tired. No longer do I look for excuses not to go downstairs or always send one of the kids to do it for me.I can shop in a regular store and even get into the odd size 12.My kids can all wrap their arms around me with plenty of room to spare. I have to move my seat closer in the vehicle. My bathtub feels so much bigger. My bed seems HUGE!!!! I don’t have heartburn or bloating .I can wear some of our 18 yr olds clothes .I can curl up in a chair or sit with my legs crossed . I can sit in a booth or an armchair and not worry about how I am going to get in and out.I can sit in my hubbys lap and not worry about squishing him. I actually curl up on his lap quite often now.

Of all the things I feel I have lost but not eating junk nothing compares to what I have gained. My life back !!!!! I don’t have any recent pictures really but I will show a picture from our holidays around this time last year  and the most recent one from now.

me sept 2009 I was down to 288 here already

August 1st 2010 189 lbs

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In the last month I have only lost 1.9 lbs. I am actually ok with it. This is the first time in a year that I have  stayed about the same.  I think my body needs it. I have been back to working out lately. I am trying to be more aware of what I am eating or  actually what I am not eating (enough veggies) but I am also really trying to figure out this moderation thing. I made homemade ice-cream this week for the first time . Since John bought me the machine in May I have only made frozen yogurt 2x  and never any ice cream. I want to be able to have it the odd time. I have  made some blueberry muffins with added in whole grain cereal. Pancakes with blueberry sauce (just simmered them on the stove and added 1 tbsp of evaporated cane juice). Tonight I even tried making  “grandmas old fashioned apple cake”  It make a loaf pan about 1 1/2 inches high and I had about 1/3 of it. Hubby and Colton had the rest and now it is done. I want to find the place where I can have a treat sometime but not become obsessed with it or feel the need to have the whole thing. I had less than 1 cup of ice cream  and then was able to be done.  So the weight loss might have been slow this last month but I feel like I am really learning alot and finding my way through this journey. Tomorrow will be one yr since I saw the allergist (I think lol) and I hope to write a post of how the last year has changed my life.

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I downloaded a new wordpress application on my phone (Palm Pre ) . I am just trying to see how it works to blog from my phone. I am going to see if I can add pictures too. How exciting. I might even end up blogging alot more now. LOLGrandma and Ryker on the beach

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Wow I can’t believe it has been so long since I blogged. This summer seems so busy although I don’t feel like we really did alot. I took the kids camping on the 10th and then John joined us on the 12th for three days. It was his 40th birthday and he just wanted to spend it with me and the kids. Beckie and Ryker came with us also. The weather was not the greatest for us so we had to change a few of our plans. The kids and I had wanted to decorate our campsite to surprise John before he got there but it was raining so we decorated the inside of the 5th wheel instead. We also made a “40 memories of you ” poster for John . It was just like it sounds , 40 different memories of times with him. Some from the kids and some from me.

We have been babysitting our grandson since thursday night. Although he is a good sleeper at night I AM TIRED. LOL. I have been trying to get our house organized  and get things ready for school to start when we get home from holidays. I am SOOOOO excited. We leave sept 3rd  and are back around the  26th. We are taking our 5th wheel and going along the west coast of the USA. We will spend most of our time in Oregon but will be going to Washington, Oregon, California , Idaho and Montana and might have a quick stop in Wyoming if we have enough time to go to Yellowstone National Park. We have made no plans or timeline and plan on just going with the flow. I am a little nervous about the driving because I am not the biggest fan of driving in the mountains and I am sure I will feel even worse pulling the trailer. Starting today I am going to do hills on the treadmill  to help get ready for some hiking. There hasn’t been much movement with my weight but that is not real surprising considering I haven’t been eating the best. I am not gaining any either so I feel ok about it. I haven’t hit many slow spots in the last year  . People always ask me how much more weight I plan on losing and honestly I don’t know. I plan on seeing where my body takes me.  Right now I mostly care about being more active consistently  and making it a lasting habit . Feeling great is the goal !

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I am in a much better moodnow. I don’t know why but about mid cycle every month I seem to go through these crazy emotions. It is really annoying and feels so uncontrolable. I am sure it has to do with so many hormonal changes. I went for almost 20 yrs with no regular cycles and I don’t think my body knows what to do with all these changes. Anyways thanks for all your love !

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I seriously wonder if I am ever going to be able to have my emotions under control. It’s not just the weight loss emotions either but just from life in general.  The lack of confidence in myself doesn’t seem to help either. Today started off great  , mostly hung out this morning with the kids and grandson. Hubby was working today (YAY !!!! We need the extra $ for holidays) and the kids and I ran into to town to do a bit of running around. There is where things start. I get dressed to go and think ” argh nothing is looking nice , I feel bloated , maybe I should wear a shirt with sleeves even though it is HOT out.”  Go to town , do what I need to  and head to a friends for a home party . I was in a good mood but then I started to feel self conscious  of myself. ” Do I have belly rolls showing as I sit here ? Can you see the skin hanging on my arms?  I wish I had funky hair and  clothes ” I felt so frumpy. Then I was fine again and moved on. Had a yummy supper with the family and hung out for awhile. Then I watched a show I had PVR’d   about people who had lost 100 lbs.  It made me sad to see how many were so unhappy with their bodies after the lost all their weight. I can talk big and say ” no I’m too chicken to have skin removal surgery etc etc  but it really scares me to think about it all. What if things don’t keep shrinking , sure the skin is bouncing back really good right now but who knows  how it will end up. I don’t want to  lose all this weight and then feel miserable about the way I look.  I started crying and I told John ” It’s not fun to feel squishy and think  about skin hanging down all over you. I mean seriously I have lost over 130 lbs and I am sitting here crying over the chance I might end up with loose skin. I should be crying with thankfulness over  my newfound life and health .  I seems ridiculous to to allow such trivial things to upset me. I just want to feel beautiful for once. I can not recall a single day in my life  where I just felt beautiful.I just don’t feel like I really fit in anywhere either. Is this a pity party or what ? I am sure when I wake up tomorrow all will be fine again and I will be over it for abit  . I will see how blessed I really am and be thankful for every piece of squishy skin LOL.

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WOW it has been awhile since I posted anything. I have been on trying to keep up with reading. For some reason I can not add  or edit my blogroll. There are alot more blogs that I read then just those that show. We went to my parents last weekend and had a good time. We left at 5am and I only managed to get 2hrs of sleep .We stopped to see my grandma on the way there . I haven’t seen her for a year so it was a nice little visit and we took a few pictures.  Last year she had told me ” you are awful heavy for a girl so young”  and so I will admit it felt good to see her after losing so much weight.

While at my mom’s we also got to see my aunt and uncle and 2 cousins. My aunt has also lost a lot of weight and looks fantastic. Between the two of us we have lost over 200 lbs.We also stopped and visited my brother and  his family at the lake on our drive home . It was nice for our kids to get to see eachother  and we spent just under 2 hrs there with them. I think they were pretty shocked to see me and my brother just said it was surreal . It was my voice talking but it didn’t look like me lol. I am trying to get organized for holidays in sept. We are going down to the states for a few weeks. Washington , Oregon , Northern California  mostly but we plan on swinging over to Yellowstone on our way home . I am also trying to get some school planning done before then too. My garden needs a real good weeding too. Seems like there is always so much to do when the weather is nice.

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