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We had a fantastic weekend in spite of the weather interrupting my plans.This weekend  there were some activities going on in our little town and we went as a family to some of them and had a great time .John was off on friday and we had invited a few friends over for supper and some games while we waited for the fireworks planned for that evening. Supper was great except for the fact that it started raining half way through it.Inside the house we all went for the rest of the night. We still had a fun night but it would have been fun to have gone to the park with the kids and played some outdoor games. The rain stopped in time for the fireworks which were fantastic. Saturday morning we got up and took the kids to the parade  then over to the park for the children’s games and rides. They probably spent the most time in the petting zoo. From there we packed a cooler and off we went for a drive. A 600km drive in total. We went to a few lakes to see about getting a season spot next year. We stopped at one and let the kids play at the playground then had a picnic on the beach.Sunday we once again invited some people over with plans of having supper and then going for a bike ride and  taking the kids to the park . Once again there was a storm and our plans got changed. We still had supper but ended up spending the evening inside again. I am thinking I just might have to stop inviting people over for outside activities 🙂

One of the weird things about the weekend was having so many people not recognize me. I know I have changed but I see me everyday and so sometimes I don’t realize just how different I look.  I don’t see myself at 320lbs BUT I don’t see myself at 193lbs either. In my head I see myself around 240lbs or so .  A little smaller than I once was but still the same over all.At the childrens activities I tried saying hi to one lady I know and I thought she was awful standoffish towards me  so I just kind of went on my way. A little while later she came and told me that she didn’t know who I was until someone else told her later on. The same type of thing happened to me 4-5 times .I found this kind of funny yet weird at the same time. I guess I will need to remember that for people who haven’t seen me all winter I really do look totally different.


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New pics

Well I haven’t done any full body pictures since I hit the 100’s . I decided to wear the same outfit I wore for my last pics so that you can “really” see the changes. Can’t hid a whole lot in workout clothes. There is a 13 lb difference between the two sets of pictures.Sometimes it is really hard for me to feel like changes are still taking place or to really see that I look different. I do see changes in the midsection though and I know the bust seems to be shrinking alot lately.

126lbs gone (194lbs) June 24 2010


113 lbs gone (207 lbs) April 27/2010

126 lbs gone


113lbs gone

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my hubby John. I am so thankful to have you in my life .Thank you for all the things you do for me and the kids .

Always holding the rope

Making sure they are steady on their feet

Showing how to solve problems

Teaching by example

Taking the time to enjoy life

Holding us close

When times are tough

John and I - Colton(10) was our photographer

Standing by us through thick and thin

Carrying the heavy loads

Lifting us up

Lifting us up

pulling us through

We Love You !

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Things have been so crazy this past week that I haven’t even had time to blog or read many blogs . I am finally back down the 5 lbs I gained while camping. YAY!!! My family was here from friday until monday  and it seemed like we  were fairly busy. We went to the farmer’s market  on sat. and we had our year end picnic for our home school support group on sunday afternoon. Our oldest daughter  B and grandson R were also here saturday night. MOnday kicked off first thing with a root canal. How exciting. I am happy to report NO pain at all.  Tuesday our daughter B phones asking if I can come get her for a few days , she was playing with her kittens and got a claw in her eye. She scratched her cornea and had been at the emergency room the night before. I was already in town about a 1/3 of the way to her place but wasn’t driving a vehicle big enough to fit her and baby in so I came home , switched vehicles and went and got them. Hubby started hauling dirt that night for my new garden beds. I know it seems awful late but according to a few different greenhouses I am only a week late for our weather. SO the last few days have been spent hauling dirt with a shovel and wheel barrow. Our gate was about 6 inches too narrow to fit a dump trailer through so it all has to be moved by hand. In total we have 15 yrds of dirt to move  . I have about 5 yards left to try  to do today. Let me tell you I am sore. My arms are fine it is my core muscles. It is a real workout  . A year ago there is NO way I would have done this, I would have told John to find another way to move it. This year I am the one who said ” just dump it here and I will move it all myself”. Thats a big change. I get more and more excited when I realize just how capable I am. I am not saying it is all easy to do but the fact that I CAN do it anyways is exciting.Now I am off to go pick up out Elk  from the butcher and then back home to play in the dirt some more.

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Home sweet home

Well we are back home again. Our fishing trip went well and the weather held out for us. We arrived home last night around 10 pm and my family arrived this afternoon. We took alot of pictures (mostly the kids did) and videos but most  have  people  other than my family in them. I really enjoyed experimenting with cooking alittle more this trip and my family only had hotdogs once in 7 days. LOL. I made stew twice over the fire and even roasted a couple chickens by burrying my cast iron dutch oven in the coals. It was YUMMY!!!! I did come home a few pounds heavier on the scale but I am sure it will be back down in a few days. I never even snacked the whole time. Well at least not on anything bad. I brought myself 1 bag of chips to eat and didn’t even opened it.Here are a few pics to start with

My sexy fishing hat

Hanging out by the fire

Hubby and I

Chicken before roasting

Chicken after 1 hr



Braden - he didn't want to hold his fish

Setting up camp

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Well it sure seems like there is alot going on in my life lately. Last week was a good week for the most part.Although I did have some emotional issues. Since losing weight I have had regular cycles for the past 7 months or so. Since I have  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)it has not been unusual for most of my life to go 2-4 months  in between my cycle. I think the weight loss along with the big change in diet has really turned that around. Along with that though I am noticing that I am getting VERY emotional in the few days before I get “it”. I have never been this way before , sure I might get cranky but never weepy and just all around b*tchy. definetly  something I will need to keep in check

I have been in the process of really assessing what I want to do for school and which styles/curriculums would be the best choice for my kids. Along with that has been quite a few late night researching online and reading through some books. We are just finishing up some math but otherwise we are done now until fall. I know it seems like a long ways away but I really want to be ready and have a game plan when the time arrives.

I have also joined the executive of our home school support group again for the next 2 yrs. I was supposed to be president this past year but with all that went on with our family and our oldest girl I felt like I just couldn’t handle it. I wanted to concentrate on my family more and so I stepped down. I will now step back into vice – president for this next year and move into the president role for the following year. I am not as nervous about it this time. I talked to John and prayed about it and we both felt it was something I could do.  I am still worried about being organized enough since I struggle with that. I don’t feel as nervous about speaking in front of others though. Before I would totally have a panic attack when I had to speak but I feel more confident now. Some of it is certainly because of the weight loss , I don’t feel as though everyone is looking at me in a negative way (well at least not for that) . I think some of it is also being more sure of who I am . I am really trying to work on accepting who I am and just the personality quirks that I have.  The old “I am who I am ” saying. I don’t really feel like I have alot to offer except a willingness to do the job. Sometimes that will just have to do.

John and the kids have gone out in the boat tonight. I stayed home because I was gone ALL day and have alot of things to get done before holidays. Instead of doing that work I am on the computer taking advantage of the peace. I have some relaxing music playing and am just unwinding from the day. It was an interesting day. We want to buy a small bar size upright freezer to put in our 5th wheel. Wal*Mart  has some on display but they didn’t have anymore in stock at the store closest to us. I decided to phone around and see if one of the other locations had any since I didn’t really want to drive to them all . After being on hold apr. 10-15 mins at each store I found out that none of them had any left. Finally one store (almost 100km from my house) said they had 3 left. I packed up the kids and drove over there to get it. We got there and I couldn’t find any at all , only the fridges were on the shelf. Finally I found someone to try and help me . After about 20 mins we found the person from that dept. whom I had spoken to on the phone and she proceeded to tell me that she was sorry but she was wrond and they didn’t have any. AHHH! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? I was very nice and told her we all make mistakes (although I was screaming  on the inside) So then I drove around to some other places seeing if they carried them and so far I have had no luck. I then met our oldest daughter and grandson in the city for a few hrs and did some shopping. I went to Old Navy to see if they had any nice summer clothes. I don’t really like alot of their styles but I did find a pair of jeans that I Love Love Love.  Stacey and Clinton from             What Not to Wear would be so proud of me. I totally followed all the rules LOL. I got a pair of dark , straight leg trouser jeans. They are so nice and the best part  ? A size 14  !

On sunday my kids had their music recital. Things went better that I had hoped and they did really great. B was not too much of a clown.  C also started complaining about his gums hurting on the weekend. I took a little look and saw that he had a big ol’ abscess on his bottom left. Called out dentist monday morning and he saw him an hr later to check it out. Now he is on some meds to clear it up and has an appt. at noon on thursday to get it all fixed before we go fishing . So now we are leaving at about 4:30 on thursday and I need to get alot of things done. I still have some more groceries to buy and  meal prep stuff to do. I am working on washing all the clothes and bedding for the trailer. I need to wash it all down from top to bottom before I can pack it all up . Food , dishes, clothes, bedding , toys , fishing gear , bikes , games and all the rest of the junk we take with us including the dog’s stuff too.We have church on wed. night and C had the dentist on thursday so inbetween it all I need to get it done.  It would also be nice to leave a clean house when we go because my parents are supposed to be coming right when we get home.  I know life is not too rough when my biggest compliant is packing up my 5th wheel. Time to get off my butt and go change the laundry.

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