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Winning Against Myself

Well I did manage to get my exercise in today and it sure felt good . Well kind of good LOL. I went 3.1 miles on the treadmill  and did the whole thing walking 1 min. then  jogging 1 min.I ended up doing it in two parts but not because I was so exhausted . When I got to 1.6 miles the first time I felt like I had ants crawling up my legs. I was SOOOOOOO itchy. I had a red rash all over my legs . Not really sure why , I wasn’t wearing new clothes and never changed my laundry soap or anything. Needless to say I got off and had a shower. But I really did want to finish so I got back on and did another 1.5 miles to make the 3.1 (5k) I also managed to do my weights this afternoon doing 2 reps of 10 for all my  exercises. For both things I was able to do better than my previous best. I made my fastest mile at a speedy 17 minutes. lol. Might not be very fast but I am working on improving it each time.


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A Jumble of Thoughts

Life has been the same crazy pace as usual around here. Ever since becoming grandparents it seems to have even increased in the crazy department. Our daughter and grandson came over last week for a night and are coming again this weekend for 3-4 days. Last week I drove almost 450km to bring her here for one night and it was worth every one of them.Thats part of being a parent. There are alot of things that seem like a hassle in day to day life but let me tell you driving that far to have her here for one night after being gone for 15 months was NO hassle at all. It was emotional in many different ways but it was also so very exciting. I look forward to this upcoming weekend and seeing the way God works in our family.  That’s about as much as I will say about  that situation.

I posted new pics yesterday and I just wanted to comment on them. The reason I wore workout clothes for them was that I couldn’t hide anything in them. Every bump ,lump and roll shows. You can hide alot of things in certain clothes if you want to but I didn’t want to.  That’s who I am and where I am at right now. I am still moving in the right direction and that is the main thing.I have tried doing alot more weights this week and can really feel it in my muscles. My  abs are sure hurting too.Tomorrows goal is to get 2 miles in on the treadmill and do 15 mins of weights. We shall see what the day holds.

Our youngest daughter Makenna is suffering with the results of pushing herself to hard. At their sports class last night they did alot of fitness stuff and she went full force. She pushed herself way too hard  and  spent alot of the day crying in pain. I am not blaming the coach as he was not forcing her to go so hard , she is the competitive one who was showing off. She woke up crying this morning and took some pain meds throughout the day along with a hot bath.She does not take after me because I never push myself hard enough. I usually quit before I really should  and need to learn to work through my own issues and keep going.

It is raining here right now and I know how much we desperately need it but it sure can make  the day feel gloomy.  I need to spend some time in our yard and doing outside work that I should have done when the weather was nice. Of course I put it off and now feel the pressure to get things done. I have to work in our back yard tomorrow no matter what the weather is like since daughter #1 needs to bring her dog. He is an outside dog so it shouldn’t be too bad and hopefully will get along well with ours. She can’t really leave him home for 4 days with no one to take care of him.Then next weekend my parents are coming up to visit and for my mom and I to do the 5K walk. I need to get the “guest house” ready for them. It is really just our 5th wheel in the back yard. Could be worse we could still own a tent trailer. LOL. We tried it out last year during the warmer months and it seemed to work well so we will go with it again this year.

Last saturday we bought a new car for me and were going to pick it up this weekend. Tuesday we decided not to buy it and wait a little while longer. We just never felt any peace about the decision and kept going back and forth over whether we should buy it or not so we decided to just put it on hold for awhile. It’s not like we don’t have more than enough vehicles already.

That’s about all the excitement around here . My mind has too many things going through it today  and I can feel the anxiety building. Time to go to bed and de stress alittle. Hopefully I will have a good sleep and it won’t be a night on insomnia for me.

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Shopping and new pics

Last night hubby took me shopping for a few things I needed. Bra shopping has become a major headache for me. In the last week I have tried on over 30 bras and finally  found ONE  that fit ok. Being in between sizes can be a real pain. I did find a few other things that I really liked including a cute back skirt. I also got a new workout outfit . It has been 14lbs since my last pics so here are my 113 lb pics


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Things I learned today

There is never a lack of interesting conversations  around our house. Today my children taught me that if  you are a 7 yr old girl you can do math and cook tomato soup and grilled cheese better in a fancy dress and heels. I also found out that it is too hot in Egypt for a woman to live. Thats why my sons are just going to adopt a few  children and not get married. They want only sons though because it would be too hot for their wives and daughters to live in Egypt and thats where they plan on moving to. It is also a fun game to try and count how many times the ceiling fan can turn while you are eating your lunch. Also if you dip cheese into your hot tomato soup it will be horrified and hate you.I guess it actually screams  when you dip it in so before hand you need to say “horrify the cheese , horrify the cheese”  So many things I was never taught when I was in school.

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2010 Edmonton – Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run and Walk

If you read my blog then you know I am going to take part in my first 5k May 9th (only 2 weeks away) It was on the list of  goals I had for 2010. It really is for a great cause , the childrens hospital ,but it is mostly for myself. To prove that I could do it . I have heard so many times on how 5k is not very far and I get that , but last year I was 113 lbs heavier than I am right now and I never would have signed up. Even if I physically could have done it I would never have done it out of pure embaressment. So although it is not a huge distance it is a huge deal to me. It is like the turning of a page , moving on to the next phase of my life. I am so excited to be doing it with so many ladies who are so very supportive to me. (men and kids are welcome too). It’s a funny team we have because so many of the members don’t even know eachother. Our team name is  Walking With Purpose. I AM looking for pledges (no pressure though) but am mostly excited just to do it.

I have 2 links the first one goes to the online registration page incase any of you want to join in. You can also get to the pledge forms by following the directions behind the link. The second one goes right to the list of names and on either one you need to scroll down and find my name (Jaime Wissink) near the bottom.

2010 Edmonton – Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run and Walk (you need to click on the confirmation page link and find my name near the bottom)

2010Edmonton SportChek Mother’s Day Run and Walk

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New Clothes!!!!

So in my last post I was complaining about not having clothes to wear and what happens the next day. Someone gave me some clothes !  Thanks S ! She had read my blog , sent me a message , and dropped off a bag of clothes. Almost everything fit which was so exciting.S has lost a good amount of weight herself so has shrunk out of all these clothes. Goes to show you that you just never know who is going to be a blessing in your life each day !  Today maybe I should complain about needing a new house  LOL !!!!!

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Down sizing

I said I would come back with a happier post for today so I guess I better follow through with that. Clothing is a source of great excitement and yet a great frustration for me lately. It is great to be shrinking down in size and feels great to be wearing smaller clothes yet again but I find myself quickly running out of clothes. I am down to 1 pair of yoga pants , 1 pair of jean capris , 2 pairs of jeans  and 2 skirts that sort of still fit.(meaning I pull them on and off without unbuttoning them )Thats it ! For shirts I am back down to about  2 “blouses” and 6 pull on shirts that still fit. Add in 1 new dress I bought on our little holiday and it still doesn’t equal much. AHHHHHH . I need to go shopping AGAIN  yet I can’t afford to keep buying new clothes. Going from a 26/28 to a 16/18  has meant ALOT of $ has been spent on clothes already.  I am trying to make things last and make do but after awhile I get tired of wearing something that is too big and looks sloppy. I know . I know there are worse problems to have but it is frustrating every day when I try to get dressed. My digital scale is not working AGAIN so I am not sure if I am down this week or not . I did use the other scale and “think” it shows me down 2lbs but I am not the greatest at seeing little changes on the dial and when I move so does the little hand on the scale so I just don’t really know.I don’t think I will reach my goal of another 11lbs for May 9th but  I am not going to stress about it. I plan to really work on toning starting this week. It was so nice out today and it got me thinking on how much this summer will seem different for me . I want to wear some cute clothes this year and toning up will help me feel better doing that. Time to get back to working towards a goal.

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Home School Conference

Well we were gone for a couple of nights and now we are back again. I see I haven’t really posted this past week. It was one of those crazy busy weeks where I never had alot of time to even THINK. So anyways we left thursday after John got off work and went to a town a couple of hrs south of us for our annual Home School Conference. It was good , we are exhausted ! I was NOT going there for shopping this year. I tend to be impulsive and have a book shelf full of stuff never used to prove it.I listened to alot of the speaking sessions and enjoyed myself but found myself feeling pretty BLAH  at the end of the day.I am so tired of just surviving in my day to day life. In all aspects of it , emotionally , mentally , physically , spiritually. As a mom , wife , friend , woman. I don’t want to just survive and make it through another day , week , month , year. I want to actually LIVE my life and enjoy it and be an active partaker of it. There is no denying the last few yrs have been tough but I am tired of defining my life by them. Not exactly an uplifting post after a great weekend away but it is how I feel tonight.  I will be back with a much happier post tomorrow.

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Well we are finally grandparents .  Ryker  joined the world early this morning April 11th at 2:20 am. He was 8 lbs 12 oz and 21 1/2 inches. It was quite the weekend. Our daughter lives 100km from us and we made quite a few trips back and forth this weekend. We went there on friday night to bring her some stuff and she started having contractions about an hr after we left. Things progressed along slowly and we went back saturday night to see her at the hospital and wait for baby to be born. It was a LONG night  ( we have bugged her that it was really harder on us , we are all so sore from waiting for so long) WE left home at 8pm saturday night and got back home at 4:30 am on sunday. It was so hard during the day on saturday feeling like we didn’t know what was going on and how she was doing. When she said we could come to the hospital it was much easier to wait. We visisted with her on and off  except for the 2 hrs that she was pushing. Then we were at the door listening to it all. It is alot different when you are not the one having the baby. He was born healthy and both are doing wonderfully. We went back again this afternoon  and spend a couple of hours with her at the hospital again and bring her some food she was craving.. Hopefully tomorrow she will get to go home. After being in labor for 28 hrs she is exhausted.

The very first pics with him at 30 mins .Grandma gets to hold him first. I am thinking I look pretty good for the middle of the night

Grandpas first picture , he's about 30 mins old

Grandpa and Ryker

Uncle Colton

Uncle Colton

Uncle Braden

Uncle Braden

Aunty Makenna

Aunty Makenna

Sunday afternoon , alittle cleaner but no bath yet

Ryker 14 hrs old , alittle cleaner but still no bath yet


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Making an effort

I have not hid the fact that I have struggles with exercise in the last bit but I really have been working out 5 times a week lately and it is getting easier. I am trying to not always do so much cardio but to make sure I am working on my muscles too. Sitting is a little painful today , in the last 2 days I did 100 squats and my butt HURTS!. My other muscles are ok , alittle sore but nothing like my behind. I am finally back down the 3lb gain the scale showed after our little holiday. I am sure a big portion of that was just from travelling . I had another doctors appt on tuesday and all my test results were great besides my good cholesterol is still a tiny bit low but he says to give it another 4 months or so and it will be better still. WE talked alot about weight and lifestyle , not so much him giving me advice as him asking me questions about what I am doing . I did get conformation that our provincial health care would pay for any skin surgeries after someone loses 100lbs. I told my doctor that I am too much of a wimp for that but honestly I am so thankful that it has mostly bounced back . Our daughter Makenna also had a doctors appt on tuesday . Her glands are still swollen up (after  3 months) nd she is still not feeling great overall. We went for more blood tests tuesday , they phoned wed. morning and asked if I could take her in for some more. After piano that morning we went back to the lab , then thursday they phoned again and asked us to come in this morning. I am hoping they have an answer but that it is a very simple one. I am a worrier , which means I will be alittle stressed out sitting there waiting .Still no grandbaby 😦

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