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WOW I can not believe I am almost at 100 posts. Took me long enough. I am going to have to think of something great for #100. Until then I might just have to add on to this post when I have something new to say.I have finally taken the plunge  and have decided to do a 5k walk/run. I know 5 k is not real long (only 3.1 miles) but the 10k is a run ONLY and I am not ready for that. My mom is going to come and do it with me and if anyone else would like to come along we would be happy to have you. THis one is on May 9th which is Mother’s day. Fitting because it is in support of our Childrens Hospital .They are looking at buying some heart monitoring equipment .I have been kind of keeping my eyes open looking for a 5k to do this year and I never had a certain charity in mind it is mostly just for ME to do it. I didn’t like some that I found because you had a minimum you needed to raise and it was quite high. I do plan on seeing if I can get some pledges but I don’t like the idea of  “having” to reach a certain amount.So this morning started day one of training. I did 30 mins on the treadmill going 2 mins walk 1 min run the whole time. Right now it takes me 20 mins to go 1 mile but I am hoping to lower that by May. I am also hoping that this will give me the added push to keep on going in my plan for a new life. 1 yr ago  and 85lbs heavier I would have never dreamed to doing this. Now I am not only wanting to do this but wishing the 10k was a walk/run too.I am not yet sure if the kids are going to do it with me or not. It is open to all ages  , you can push a stroller  , have a family team , school team etc. I know I would have to go slower with the kids and part of me wants to really push to see how well I could actually do. On the other hand it would be a GREAT thing to do with my kids .I don’t have to make that decision for a few more months.


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I hate thinking of titles

Really ! I find that the worst part of blogging. I am not creative in that way and can never think of a good play on words. I think I should just start leaving my titles blank. Or maybe just label them A , B , C etc. I didn’t make it to my weight loss challenge weigh in last night but they did allow me to weigh in before hand and I am down another 2 pounds.YAY!!!! Better than nothing. I try to remember that this is a healthy amount for me to lose. It feels discouraging because many of the ladies have lost ALOT more than I have but I know that my body goes through it’s ups and downs and 85 pounds into it  I am not going to have the same losses as them.This makes 10 pounds this month and that is a really great number. (and I need to keep telling myself that)Heck if I can keep losing 10 lbs a month I will be at my goal by summer.

Which leads me to another topic BATHING SUITS . ARGH. I have spent the past 2 days looking for a bathing suit that I like and have found NOTHING!!!!!!! I have hated every single one that I tried on. I actually feel like I looked better in one 85 lbs ago than now. I just wanted to find a cheap on that I could even throw a T-shirt on over top to get me through until summer when I would buy a better one hopefully a few sizes smaller. There was nothing cheap and there was not even any that were more expensive  that I would 1 )wear in public  2) feel comfortable in 3) actually  fit all over.I was hoping to take the kids swimming right away but might have to hold off alittle longer.

In the past few weeks I have emailed a few different companies asking for information whether they have sulphites added into their products. There is a real labeling problem when it comes to this which makes it very hard to be certain whether something is safe or not. They don’t label  a bag of frozen french fries as having sulphites but they do. They are all coated with them so they won’t turn brown. Anyways I have never ever had a response back from any of these BIG companies . I mean why have contact information on your web site if you are not willing to reply back. On tuesday I decided to contact Kettle Brand chips and the very next day I had a response. I was very excited to hear that they DO NOT put sulphites on their potatoes. I explained that although they say on their lable *nothing artificial * NO preservatives  etc. I wanted their  reassurance that this was the case because most chip companies do not  disclose the fact that their chips contain sulphites  on the ingredient list .Now yes I really don’t need to eat potato chips but I wanted a choice for a special treat. I mean I have to actually live this life too and it is a really hard allergy to have. It made me so very happy to finally have someone  respond to my question.So I went out last night and bought a bag to sit in my cupboard  for when the time comes that I am ready to have a treat. You know like a lose a pound and eat a bag of chips as your reward LOL.

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Another one bites the dust.

My title could mean alot of things . It could be because today is friday and another work week has gone by. It could be because I just finished season 3 of LOST and I am ready for season 4 tonight. Or it could really be because I was down another pound at my stupid weigh in this week. I really am excited that it is friday. I love having John home for the weekend , I love the fact that I don’t have to do school with the kids in the morning . I love having friday as family night , the kids get to stay up late on fridays, we veg out together maybe play a game or something.It just seems like a night to de-stress. I also am very excited about starting the next season of LOST. WE have become addicted and are averaging about 1 season per week. Drive by our house around 8 most nights and you would think no one was here. John and I are in bed watching it the moment the kids are tucked in.I am happy I was down a pound at the weigh in and didn’t  go up on the scale. You never know how the scale will go when you weigh in at night after a day of eating and drinking.Maybe I should take a laxative the night before LOL.I am also feeling alot better than I was in my last post. I have since done the workout a couple of times and have not suffered the same way. I am making sure to really stretch good afterwards. As much as it seemed like a really hard week this week with me being a little emotional and irrational it has ended on a good note and I am happy that another week has gone by.

I wrote out a new list of goals for this up coming year and I think they are mostly pretty do-able. :

Hit my 100 pounds lost

Lose 57  pounds by Christmas to reach my goal (  49 more weeks or so  I need to try for just over 1 lb a week)

Run for 15 mins straight at  4 mph (right now I do 6 mins at 3.5)

Go tubing behind the boat (I always just watch , didn’t want to have to try and climb back in when I wiped out)

Go  downhill skiing

Take one session of aquasizes (sp?)

DO some sort of  exercise with the kids 4-5 times a week. (might just be walking to the mail box but something)

Do a 5k walk  – I don’t have a particular charity in mind I just want to do it (Miss T is coming with me RIGHT?)

Those are my physical goals for this year. I have alot I would like to change /accomplish  emotionally and spiritually but those  ones aren’t for sharing .

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Butt Kicking!

So I had a great idea yesterday that I would do a sculpting workout with Jillian from the Biggest  Loser.I felt pretty good doing it and felt great afterwards. I even got on the treadmill and did 30 mins of hills when I was done.I felt great last night but when I woke up I was in so much pain. After doing so many types of lunges and alot of squats my thighs and rear end are killing me. It hurts to walk , it hurts to sit  , it hurt to get into the tub and still hurt getting out.I can not believe how sore I am . I mean it is not like I haven’t exercised quite a bit in the past few months.  I had to take Makenna to the DR. this am and I decided to walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator  thinking maybe it would loosen me up . HAHAHA! Boy was I wrong. My doctor even had a little chuckle at me before telling me he had started working out last night and he was feeling quite sore also.It was nice having him tell me that I have done amazing .I think I will wait until thursday to have another visit with Jillian.I don’t expect to have very good results at my weight in tomorrow. I have found a new love in home-made  salt and pepper chicken wings and ate then twice this weekend.There are really good with deep fried home fries: )

For the past 3 weeks or so Makenna has complained that her throat hurts. Now I didn’t run to the doctor right away because 1)she mostly complained when it was time for her to do something she didn’t like 2)alot of people have sore throats etc at this time of year and she didn’t have a fever or anything else with it. I did finally make an appt and took her in today.Her throat looks fine but He said her glands are very swollen. He checked under her armpits too but I don’t remember him telling me if they were swollen also. So she is on some  antibiotics  and he sent her for some blood tests to try and figure out what is going on.Hopefully it is nothing and she will feel better  soon.

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Hair Happenings

Well I finally went in and got a hair cut. I have avoided it for a while because I find it hard to sit in the salon. I have a chemical sensitivity and the smells and chemicals from hair products are pretty awful for me. I miss going and getting my hair dyed and highlighted professionally but I do what I have to. In november I found some natural henna for colouring your hair and I don’t mind it. You just mix it with boiling water or coffee in my case and although my hair smells like tea leaves for a few days it is better than all the grey. Anyways I have been frustrated with my hair for a while and finally went in yesterday to do something about it. I had a man cut my hair for the first time and I really liked him. I washed it and let it dry naturally before going in so that he could see the way it “really” looks. I told him I wanted something easy for everyday  and that I could not use a bunch of styling products in it. He said my hair had really good body , and the natural curl was nice  I just needed some shape to it. When it was done he just  used the dryer , no brush , no flatiron , just his hands and the dryer.John hates that they would always straighten my hair when I would get it cut. I am tired of fighting the curls , it is just who I am. So here is the new cut. Not the best picture since I went shopping and got groceries after he did it.

I have decided that my scale hates me. Oh sure it was kind this week and I am down another 2 lbs to make it 83 gone so far  but it still hates me. THis morning I pushed on it to get it started (it’s digital) and it says ERR , I do it again and again but all it says is ERR. Braden pushes it and it goes to 0.0 and he weighs himself . I try again all I get is ERR. John does it and it works and he weighs himself . I try it again. NOPE  all I get is ERR. I could not believe it . I mean I thought we were friends

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First weigh in

Well last night was my first weight in for the weight loss challenge in my town. Although I did not lose the most in week one I did alright with the scale showing a 10lbs loss. Now I will admit that it’s not exactly accurate as I didn’t eat supper before I went and the week before I had eaten a huge supper before the meeting. That being said I know by my own daily weigh in at home every morning that I have truly lost 5 pounds .I am  happy with that , I missed 2 days in a row of exercise and  only did Pilates once and strength training 2x. Yesterday and today I got up and got on the treadmill before 8am. We will see if getting on there early in my day will help me at all. I have worked up to jogging for 6 mins at 3.5 MPH. I upped my walking speed to 2.5 mph  now but still rarely go higher than a 3% incline. Guess that should be my next goal.

Someone had asked what my meal plan looks like and although I don’t really have on I will share  one day of my food intake. (a good day of course not  one when I eat  2 bowls of mashed potatoes)


3/4 cup  high fiber cereal

1/2 cup yogurt

1 asian pear

1 Large cup of coffee with 2 tsp evaporated cane juice and 2 tbsp coffee cream.

22 ounces of water before lunch


3- 5 ounces chicken breast

1 cup shredded cabbage

1/2 cup carrots

1 cup cauliflower

all sautéed together

another 22 ounces of water (at least)


13 bean chili:

a pkg of 13 bean mix

ground beef





assorted bell peppers

fresh tomato juice(thanks to my friend T and her juicer)

added spices .

more water


If I want a snack I might have  a piece of fruit dipped in yogurt .

Somedays I don’t eat as healthy  , I love my home made french fries and  last friday  I probably ate more than a supersize order of one.BUT most days I eat pretty close to what I wrote. I need to up my fruit and plan to start adding some berries to my breakfast . Hopefully this summer I will pick alot and can freeze and can them to use through out the year.

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YAY!!!!! Hormone Happenings.

I got up this morning feeling bloated and disgusting and thought to myself ” I should not get on the scale today “. I figured since I had started my cycle  the scale would not be friendly to me  BUT I got on anyways and I had hit my 81 lbs lost. YAY!!!!! This puts me in a new “decade” LOL.One I have not seen since before getting married. I was 19 when I got married so I haven’t seen this number since I was a TEENAGER!

As much as I do not enjoy being a female when I get my cycle it actually is a very exciting thing for me. I have had poly cystic ovarian syndrome since I was a teenager. I have NEVER had a regular cycle , never knew when it was due or coming. Since I have changed my eating habits I have had a cycle EVERY month. Even in my slimmer days I was never regular but since giving up processed foods this has changed. I rarely eat white flour (used for sauces sometimes otherwise once for pizza in the last 2 months) I used evaporated cane juice as my sugar otherwise I haven’t had any white sugar in a LONG time either.I am hoping when I go see my ob -gyn he will tell me my numbers are looking better than ever.

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I hate January!

I really really do. January is such a emotional month for me. The past 3 Jan. have been awful for our family. Jan 10th of 2007 my dad passed away. I miss him so much. In spite of his faults and issues it makes me so sad not to be able to call him or know that I will never see him again. His death has probably affected me harder than almost anyone. Three years have gone by and only in this last year have I felt some healing and relief from my grief. Probably because I had bigger things going on. Jan 20 of 2008 my SIL ended her life. We were not best friends or super close but we were friendly , I liked her , enjoyed visiting with her . We were family ! It was such a senseless tragedy . At that same time my husband was sick. He was really sick for awhile and they didn’t know why. It wasn’t until feb that they realized his lung was collapsed and he had a huge infection going on. All of January that year he was sick and it felt like I was watching my husband die.I am so thankful they finally figured it out. Jan 25 of 2009 our oldest child leaves home in a very rebellious was and tears our family apart. Physically and emotionally. I don’t say alot about that situation because it is private but it is still not “great”. We will be grandparents in 3 months .Anyways I have noticed myself becoming emotional and moody since the end of december and I really think it is my way of “preparing” myself for something to go wrong. I hope the month goes by wonderfully and not a single bad thing happens and yet I “fear” it. I am NOT a superstitious person , I believe God is in control of ALL things and YET I still find myself worried about what will happen next.

I sleep with a phone by my bed every night because the night my dad died I had left the phone in the livingroom and no one could get ahold of me. I was sitting in bed tonight reading around 10 and I remembered that  yrs ago I was on the phone with my dad. I called to tell him I had bought the new clothes he wanted and had sent them off to him. He was not feeling well and I told him to go to the dr. That was when we had a HUGE storm through all of Alberta and he said he had tried going to the clinic that morning but they were full and he would drive into the dr (1 1/2 hrs away) the next day if he needed to. He had thought he had the flu , told me his ribs hurt and he just didn’t feel well. I remember telling him to please go to the dr the next day . We didn’t talk too long and he died only a few hrs later. Because  he lived about 10 hrs away and the storm was so bad here they had closed some highways we didn’t get to go up there until the next day. They  sent his body to Edmonton for autopsy and he was cremeated here too . It was my first experience in someone being cremated and I found it very difficult not to have a body to say good bye to. As morbid as that sounds it just didn’t seem real because the evidence was not in front of me.I wish I had said so many other things during that last phone call but I know he knew I loved him.So today , 3 yrs later I will shed my tears , look at my pictures , have my memories and then remember that life has to continue on.Part of the poem on the back of the memorial card  says:

Miss me a little -but not too long

And not with your head bowed low

Remember the love we once shared,

Miss me – But let me go

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I did take the kids out sledding yesterday afternoon.We went out for about an hour  and I did go down a few times. I actually had alot of fun . The only thing I hated (besides climbing the HILL) is the fact that I can’t really fit nicely on the kids sleds. Sitting there with my legs crossed in frount of me I had to hold my feet so they weren’t on the ground. I don’t have any pics of me going down the hill but I have some of my awesome fashion sense. LOL. I don’t actually have any outdoor clothes so I wear John’s . I even walked down main street in my little town and went to the post office and into the bank wearing this.

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A day at home and other ramblings

Yesterday was so nice  , I spent the whole day around home. Ok well I did go grab the mail a few blocks away but you know what I mean. I got up early and did 30 mins on the treadmill before we started school.I ate pretty healthy the whole day  but didn’t quite get all my water in. It was nice to not have anyplace to be .I find on the days when we don’t have other things planned we tend to lounge around  longer instead of  just getting our stuff done. I am working on having some self control in that area. I did managed to get up before 7 this morning ,  spend quiet time with the Lord , have coffee , go online and see what everyone was doing on FB before waking the kids up at 8. While they eat and mostly fool around I will get my butt on the treadmill for 30 mins and earn my delicious sonny boy breakfast (YUCK). I have tried going a couple days without it and unfortunately my body does not like that. I figure I can suck it up  eat a serving of it everymorning , mixed with Balkin yogurt (no preservatives ) and  then I am regular. TMI I know but ever since I have drastically changed my diet I have had HUGE issues in that dept. I honestly think it is because not only am I not filling my body with junky food  high in fat  , but I am also eating about half of what I used to. My body was used to having a certain amount of bulk going through it for so long and when that quit everything was still stretched out .Anyways the stupid cereal is the only thing I have found to help me .

It is supposed to be warming up around here for the next few days . THANK YOU !!!!!! I have been so stinking cold . (yep thats my swear word , STINKING)I am hoping to take the kids sledding today . I might even put on my sexy camo hunting outfit (stolen from John) and join them. Figure I can burn a few calories that way and give the kids  some laughs too.I MIGHT even let them take a picture of me !

I had a huge brain fart the other day. I realized when I added up my inches lost over all I only counted 1 leg and 1 arm. LOL. THis is exciting for me to realize ! When I used my new measurements from wed. night I figured out I have actually lost 37 inches . I am sure that If I had true measurements from my heaviest (40lbs higher than my old measurements) I would be down over 50 inches!I am down a couple more pound when I checked this morning and am now at 79lbs gone. I can’t wait to hit 81. YOu might wonder why 81  , it’s because I started off at number ending in a 0   (ex , 180 ) so 80 would put me at a 0 again but 81 would put me down in the next number category )I realize this would all be so much less complicated if I was willing to share the actual numbers but I have NOT hit that place yet. I am still feeling like it is no ones business what my actual weight was / is .I love knowing other peoples numbers , seeing how far they have come and the insiration it gives me. YET I am not willing to “own” those numbers yet. Someday I am sure I will be but until then only my husband and mother get to know. Well and the lady weighing me in at the weight loss challenge . And my doctor , and …….. LOL

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