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Going away

This week is a super busy week. The regular busy is not enough anymore so instead I need  SUPER busy. Not only it there the regular speech , swimming ,house kind of stuff but there is also a dentist appt. , picking up our new boat (so exciting) and packing the trailer .The first packing of the year is always the worst.Usually our first trip is right here at good ol’ Wabamun provincial park. So close that my kids can actually ride bikes there quicker than we can drive.If I forget things or decide I would like something else I could always go home and grab it quickly. Not this time. This year our first trip is going to SK for a 9 day fishing trip.WE are leaving on friday morning .This means I need to remember everything we might need. I have washed it all down and  done the bedding too. Now it is getting things put in there.I have been filling laundry baskets with things and getting the kids to haul it all out there for me.Of course the problem with this is that when I go out there I have a ton of things to out away. Yes I could get the kids to do it when they bring it out but I really prefer to do it my self and know EXACTLY where everything is.I don’t want to come home to a huge disaster either so I am trying to make sure the house gets clean too.Tomorrow I have a dentist appt. and I am hoping it will not leave me is severe pain for weeks like last time. John even suggested that I cancel it until after holidays incase it gets bad again. He had a dentist appt. today and told Dr. G that he better take it easy on me. At least fish falls into a “soft ” diet.


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Hired help

We  went out for  a nice country drive tonight . Not unusual for us , we do it a few times a week lately.Tonight we were driving around a lake looking at new cabins. Here was mine and Braden’s conversation:

“Mom when I am older I am going to have a big house like that”

“It’s pretty nice Braden ”

“Thats what we need mom”

” You would have alot of cleaning to do if you had a house that big”

“Thats ok I will have workers to do stuff like that”


Oh to be eight  and think everything can be yours when you grow up.

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Full time job

Well today was the last of John’s days off. 8 days and they flew by. Nothing really got done around here that we wanted  but we did have alot of time together. I told John today that it seems like I have a full time job driving around . Many days have been 8-10 hr days of being gone from home. I am not a huge homebody but I have missed spending some time here. I have also just decided that my family needs to live with less “stuff” around us. I can’t not keep up to it  , we have no place for it all to belong nicely and the kids have NO appreciation for it all.This is one of the reasons I love being gone camping. We live with very little and it feels so much more relaxed. All this “stuff” stresses me out.Does Braden really need like 30 T  shirts ? Most are hand me downs from Colton but still , it seems excessive .I am also packing away the Wii and PS2  for the summer . Most of the kids movies are going too.I am purging my closets too. I am not just picking on the kids stuff.I have about 8 dresses  that I usually don’t wear because John doesn’t  like the way they look. I have 2 choices : wear them anyway or give them away. Same goes for socks , I have 2 bins of socks I need to sort . Once I get them paired ones without a partner or with holes need to go.I am already thinking of starting school in the fall and how I need to get things better prepared and the house in order to make life easier.It would probably be easier to just pack up all the things I want to keep and  bull doze the place instead .

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies !!!!I got to spend the whole day hanging out with my kids .I am trying to have a positive outlook on it. lol Hubby worked 15 hrs today and says we will do something later on in the week. The kids said” Happy Mother’s Day MOM” After my mother got on the phone with them and told them too. Yep I was feeling important. This was the first time since getting married 11 yrs ago that I didn’t have Beckie around.She was definitely the one who organized her younger siblings for card/gift making. BTW I really do know it is not about presents. I told John I would be happy with a letter or a note written on the white board  or a home made card stuck on the fridge (none of which happened lol) It mostly just felt sad cause I didn’t have my family together. Almost 4 months later and the hurt is no less , the emotions are still there. Makenna has  her Birthday comming up next week and all she really wants is her sister. It is pretty hard to watch your children feel that kind of hurt.Yet Life DOES keep going. We continue with our day to day lives , just a little quieter , a little more subdued .I have no choice  , the other 3 still need me  and truthfully they need me more than ever. They need my reassurance  , they need me to cry with them  and hold them as they share their feelings , their uncertainties . That is my role as a Mother.

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