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heart ache

It has been a very difficult week for our family.Since my only real blog readers are my family and some friends I feel like I can somewhat share whats going on . Beckie has moved out of our house and is living elsewhere right now. No we didn’t kick her out nor did we give our blessing for this move.It is heart breaking to us as parents and the younger children are not handling things very well either.There are alot of things she is doing that we don not agree with nor will we allow in our home.We don’t want her gone and pray every day for her safe return.I know people are always curious and that many people will speculate as to what went on but God , our family and some close friends know the truth .I know many people have wondered why we haven’t been around or haven’t returned their phone calls and I just wanted to let you all know.Please pray for our family .


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Home Sweet Home

I have made a break through. I have actually not left my house for over 48 hrs. By morning time it will be more like 60 hrs. It might not seem like a big deal but I honestly can’t remember what year it was when I last did this.I know alotof  times it’s my own fault when I am busy but there just seems to never be a quiet moment around here lately.The past 2 yrs for sure have seemed like we were constantly out the door. I am tired. I needed to have a few days home. When we had the flu a couple weeks ago it didn’t seem too major , pretty much just 24 hrs and it was gone , but many of us still feel like we haven’t totally recovered.I know you would think that 2 whole days at home would make me productive  but I am sorry to disapoint  you.Yes we did school and tidied the house but I also spent alot of time just playing on the computer , reading and watching movies with the kids. The great thing is I don’t even feel guilty about it .Tomorrow I need to run to town quickly to grab a prescription for John ( he forgot it today) and to return some movies but then the rest of the day I plan on being a repeat of the last 2. yep I plan to be lazy some more.I better get it while I can , next week I have lots planned and I will be  back to running .

lazily yours,


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my normal day

This is what life is like around my house everyday.I always wonder why we never seem to get stuff done.

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off on a little road trip

We are off  for some visiting starting tomorrow morning. First we are going to Lloydminster for one night. We are meeting my parents there to exchange the goods ( a new door for their car)and will stay the night together at a hotel. The last time we stayed there was in Oct and our hotel sucked. Obviously we won’t be picking that one again. I had stayed at it years ago (like when I was 17) and I guess they decided it was fine the way it was built and not to do any maintenance on the place since.I am sure my mom will pick a good place.Our visits with them are very enjoyable and we all get along great . So great in fact that the men usually leave us EVERY day and go off to do “man stuff” . Usually that means looking at either land, vehiclesor tractors.Sometimes we force them to take  a few children along . This helps them to come home after a decent amount of time because after awhile the kids whine , driving them crazy.Us gals usually so shopping , go for coffee or just hang out.We don’t enjoy driving aimlessly for hours on end  and really don’t like the things the men want to look at. I expect tomorrow to be very much the same. What can I say , we are very predictable.

Friday morning we will leave Lloyd and head up to Fort Mcmurray. Friends of ours just moved up there from the U.S. and we are going to go spend a few days there. Colton is very excited as he will see his best friend again. They are originally from the U.S but had lived here for about 1 1/2 years  ,a year ago.Then they moved back to the U.S. for 14 months and are now back here in Canada again.Anyways our kids all miss eachother and us adults do too.The father is preaching there on Sun. so we will stay until monday morning.I am looking forward to spending some time together although I am sure it will not be quiet.

After we are all done we will have done about 15 hrs of driving , all the while still in Alberta.(ok we MIGHT cross the street in lloyd to SK)

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I am trying to see if I can get a video to work. This is one of my favorite songs on days when I am feeling like everything is going wrong.If it doesn’t work I am sorry and I will keep on trying .

Sorry I couldn’t get it to play.  I am trying a different video of the ame song .Oh well one of these day I will have these things figured out.

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Wacky Family

John’s aunt got married yesterday. She had lost her husband 4 yrs ago to cancer  and actually ended up marrying their next door neighbour.They even share a driveway (well ok now they share a house) The wedding was in a town almost 2 hours from here with the reception taking place in there little town about 1 1/2 hrs from us. John and Beckie both had to work yesterday so we decided to just go to the reception as a family instead of me and the kids going separatelyto the ceremony. We arrived as people we in line getting food which would have been good had my FIL not been the MC talking to us over the mic as we try to find seats (tiny bit embarrassing when you come in late) We did have a good time though even if t wasn’t quite our style.One of our daughters, the oldestwho wishes to remain nameless and says this better not make it onto facebook with pictures or videos , caught the bouquet and had to go through a hilarious  routine .We,as her protective parents , laughed the hardest  and snapped pictures.All in all it was a fun night .

 John has gone back to his old rotation at work which requires him to work one weekend every 7 weeks . This of course is that weekend so he is pretty tired after having only a few hrs of sleep last night. One weekend every 7 doesn’t sound too bad but you would be surpried how many things get planned for THAT weekend. I have 2 family reunions comming up , one this summer and one the following and her has to work for BOTH of them.So far I am planning to go to both without him but we will see as we get closer. I am sure I can drive the 5th wheel to where they are held , I will just need to have someone else park it for me.It is nice that he will also have a week off every 7 weeks but it will take awhile to get used to it again.

This morning I ended up taking Beckie to the Dr. Someone ran into her from behind when she was snowboarding and she took a pretty big tumble. There is a big purple and black mark on her behind about the size of my hand which will take a few weeks to go away . She is icing that which helps . The reason we went though was because she was crying  and saying her neck hurt , figured we better get it checked out. They said it was just strained and gave her some stronger painkilers to take.I am not too sure if she will be able to start her kick boxing this week though. The joys of being young and  fearless.

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Another Year

Yeah here I am again. Although I didn’t have a real success with blogging last year I did manage to do 55 posts . If I can do 60 this year I will have improved 😉 It is so much harder that you would think  , I am impressed by those of you who do it daily or at the very least a few times a week.Things like usual have been busy around here. John had 19 day off at Christmas and we went to my family in Saskatchewan for 9 days .Then we needed to have a little rest at home from our holiday before we got any work done here. We have emptied both our storage room and laundry room out (besides the obvious washer and dryer) and are in the process of sorting through things and putting stuff in storage bins . We had a big bin under the stairs for potatoes but it never kept cold enough , even being vented from outside,so we had been throwing stuff in it for the last year and John decided to take it apart and clean that whole area up.I went through 5 boxes of paper clutter and got it down to a few things to file and a small shoebox size of sentimental things , the rest is ready to be burnt.I would love to say I am a organized person but sadly I am not.Now I do usually know where everything is ,it’s just that everything doesn’t have it’s place. I am working on it. It is getting better. I definitely want to improve on it this year.Notthat I have made any new years resolutions  but there are some things I really want to see myself work on . One main one would be our house / my organization/chores  , ya know the whole  having things clean and tidy type stuff.Another would be me  , not just physically although that is one part , but spiritually and emotionally.I have allowed my faith to slip into such blahness lately and I know I need to make it a priority to go back to my first love. I also have struggled with anxiety alot again lately . There is no doubt that the two go hand in hand . Last year seemed like a tough year for us.The year started off with John being sick  and no one knowing what was wrong with him.Then my SIL took her own life . We found out that John had a collapsed lung and it was a pretty scary time for me . We went through some big issues with one of our children and still have aways to go. I had the weird tongue /throat thing go on and am just in the past 2 weeks really feeling almost 100% back to normal with that. This is not meant fo a pity party but when I think back on all that I didn’t do / change etc  last yearI try to remember that it was a really stressful year and that we did alright.Hopefully this next year will be alittle calmer.I really want to try and quiet things down around here. we seem to be on the go sooo much , I know that school suffers alot because of it and some sort of regular routine would help alot. I am not saying I want us to cancel everything , I just want to plan things better so we can cut out alot of wasted time and trips and be home when we can instead..Funny how our minds travel off on things. None of this was what I was planning on writing about.

Today is also a sad day for me. It has been 2 yrs since my dad died and I still miss him so much.In the last few weeks it has seemed to bother me alittle more than normal.I feel like everyone else has moved on and I am still so stuck in my grief for him. There are so many things I wish I would have said to him , so much that I would like to be different.I regret telling him he wasn’t welcome at my wedding and the times I refused to say I love you back to him on the phone because I was so angry at him.I don’t know if some of it is because there was so much controversy after his death , with his girlfriend stealing his ashes and taking off to eastern canada.I know they are not him , but it seemed so weird to first not have a body to say goodbye to and then having her take the ashes  and not getting to follow through with the plans for them either.You would think after 2 years it would not  still upset me so much. I was always daddy’s girl and inspite of all his issues ( and there were many HUGE ones ) I still had a great love for him. I had decided about 7 or 8 yrs ago to just love the father I  had thought he was and forgive who he really was. Yet I don’t think I ever really did either.The joy and love and good memories are so entwined with the lies , hurt, deceit that it is hard to separate the two.So even though I miss him so much and still grieve so deeply for him I also know that I am still angry with him and at times probably really hate him.At 30 yrs old you wouldn’t think I would still feel like such a child about it all.The truth is that we can’t control other peoples decisions and unfortunately sometimes other people have to pay a great price because of them.

My plans had been to write about skiing and the flu we have had and the wonderful wall quilt Miss T made me but I guess those will all have to wait for another day.

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