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I think a bug might have hit our house. C’s tummy has hurt all day. M was sick at school her teacher said . I guess she was hot and pale and not very energentic. Of course I don’t like to be left out of things so my tummy decided the bathroom was the best place for me to be this afternoon.Fun Fun!!We are supposed to have a field trip tomorrow and I hope we feel better by then. Everyone else seems to feel ok so hopefully it is just a little glitch.


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days and nights

I am tired . Not a lazy tired or a been busy tired but a can’t get sleep kinda tired. I assume that I am an allergy sufferer.It is weird though.EVERY day I get stuffed up.It comes on around the late afternoon early evening usually.It is like BANG my nose is plugged and my head is full of pressure.It doesn’t matter where I am .It happens at home , outside , in town , at friends EVERYWHERE. It is not prejudice.It used to last about 2 hrs or so then I would feel better again but the last week or so it stays until the middle of the night. Again not prejudice 1am,2 am even 4 last night.I of course am a nose breather and can’t sleep when my nose is not working right.My hubby just says “take some pills” I of course am stubborn. I HATE taking meds.I take the odd tylenol or advil when I have a super bad headache otherwise I just let things play out.I have been on meds before and have suffered  the severe side effects also.I am hoping this is going to let up soon  because I don’t think the rest of my family wants to switch to my sleeping pattern.

Last night was our last homeschool support group meeting.It was election night for the new executive. Surprisingly it went very smoothly and no position was left empty and there were enough people who came that we could actually vote .I went knowing that I would most likely end up Vice President.Not because I feel qualified in any manner but after I was first approached I had spent time in prayer about it and talked to John and I had felt that this would be a good time to do it.I had good conversations with the new president and think she will be wonderful to work with.I have had my anxious moments thinking about it , as vice you then move on to president the next year.I thought “oh no how will I be able to get up there and speak , etc.etc”To speak one on one with any of the ladies would be great but to stand up before them and speak to all together makes me a little panicky.Yet I know that God is working this in me. I am so tired of being anxious about being anxious. I am tired of allowing it to rule my decisions and dictate where I go.It is such a battle , daily and even sometimes hourly, yet there is usually no reason behind it. That’s not true I guess , the reason is really me not trusting God to be big enough to see me through whatever “could” happen.But even through the chaos of it I still believe that this is the year to overcome this , the year for victory from it.It’s time to really start living again. 

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That’s what I have been on here lately.I come on every day and read some blogs but always say to myself that I will come back at night and post.For some reason Blogspot won’t let me on any of it’s sites. I get a message saying my Quiery looks like that from an automated virus system. weird? I have done full scans for EVERYTHING on my computer and it still won’t let me .Both from my laptop or our home computer.

Life has slowed down around here with is nice. R is finished her driving lessons (and passed) so no more driving in for any scheduled classes/lessons courses of any sort.She is loving her nw job but seeing how much it ties you down .I can’t wait until the school year is over for B and M.What a damper that puts on my life LOL.I really am looking forward to a summer of fun with them.We have a two camping trips planned with different groups of friends in June.The rest of the summer will be hanging out together just do whatever seems good for the day.

Today is my M’s birthday. She is 6 , boy how fast it has gone.She was definatly God’s gift to John and I.Certainly not planned and I have to admit when I first found out I was pregnant with her I was NOT happy. I did alot of crying . I had a 1 1/2 yr old and a 4 month old and was not wanting anymore at the moment. Thankfully The Lord knew what was best for us when w didn’t.I am so thankful to have her. She is my “sunshine” and her daddy’s”sugar plum pie”.She is a talker and loves to drive her momma nuts but boy do I love her.Every night when I tuck her in she runs and hides under the covers saying”you don’t know where I am mom” LOL like I can’t see the lump in the bed or hear where her voice is comming from.She is such a little mommy , and loves to drive her brothers crazy.

Happy Birthday M! Mommy loves you and prays you grow into a young lady who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him.That you meet a man who God has for you and you know the unexplainable love a mother feels for her child. Thank you for making my life brighter.


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slowly but surely

Life has been crazy crazy around here. Nana and Papa were here for 3 nights and as always we had a wonderful time with them. I would love to live close to my parents. They are 8 hrs away which makes everyday visiting pretty hard. We do talk daily though.It is nice because John loves my parents as well and him and Papa are like 2 peas in a pod.Papa always says to me ” you are just like your mother” R is taking her drivers training right now which makes alot of trips to town for the course or driving lessons. I will be happy when this is done. R also got a job. A full time job at the grocery store here in town. It is perfect because it is 9-6 , 5 days a week and they are closed sundays. Praise God for working it all out, she had been praying for a job .R is done school til fall and C should be done by the 15th.Lots of summer reading for him though.

I have been making my self still keep walking and am feeling abit of a payoff. As of this morning I am at 11 pounds lost.YAY!!!!!I know , not a huge amount but enough to give me the encouragement to keep at it. Slowly but surely I am going to beat this and get healthy.My friend M and her hubby J are comming in this morning for us to go walking again. Having a walkng buddy sure helps time to go by faster.

We finished our final sports class of the year this week. Oh how nice it feels to not have to go back for 4 months. When R is done her driving lessons we will no longer have ANY scheduled plans for town. This is a good thing as I have a TON of thngs to be doing around home.I am tired of living in chaos so I guess it is time to do something about it.My last bit of news is that I have a new niece. My sister M had a baby girl Tuesday night , Addison(sp) Renee  7pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long. She was breech and the ended up doing a c-section.I talked to M yesterday and they were doing good , just sore. I can’t wait to get to meet her. They live in B.C  about 10 hrs away but we hope to make it this summer (if I can stand the heat lol)

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Just following the leader

We are home from Lethbridge now. We made it back with only a slight detour.Moms grad was boring pretty good and we had a great time with them.We left saturday morning to come back home and they were going to se my sister in B.C.We decided to follow them to Calgary , where we could say good bye and go our seperate ways. Well John followed Papa Stan around what seemed like the whole city before we finally stopped and said good bye.Then we made a pit stop on our way home. I could tell hubby was itching to follow them , so thats what we ended up doing. i phoned my mom on her cell and asked if she wanted to have lunch in Banff.  She told me I was full of it , but eventually believed me as I was telling her landmarks we were driving by.We caught up to them , had lunch in Banff and decided to spend the night there. Mom , R and I did some walking and of course some shopping. We did go our seperate ways the next day and our family travelled on to Jasper where we had supper , did some walking  and John took the kids up the Tram.I sat at the bottom being a chicken.I decided the top of a mountain was NOT where I wanted to have an anxiety attack .We had a nice drive home and got back about 10pm sunday night.

I did learn a few things while we were gone. M our 5 yr old has a warped sense of humor.Here were some of here topics this weekend.

Mom when I fart in the bathtub it make bubbles come out of my butt.

If I was a bird I would fly into a hotel .(I asked what she would do there) Sleep all day and poop on people’s heads.

There was more but I think that gives a picture of her thinking.

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