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Travelling fun

We are in Lethbridge for a couple days.My mom is graduating with her degree  and we came down for the event.Mom went back to school 4 yrs ago , graduated from the corrections program 2 yrs ago but decided to keep going and get her degree in it as well.Oddly this is my moms third grad in her life(she is 52) and I(at 29) have never graduated from anything.Not my first choice for a career but I am so proud of her for following through.Anyways the plan was to leave thursday morning , spend the day visiting with nana and papa then go to grad  at 9:30 friday morning and have the rest of friday to visit as well then we would all leave on saturday.I like to be weird sometimes though ,so as we were driving home from bible study wed.night  about 9:30 I say”John we could just leave now and drive all night”(he says he was just trying to please me but I know he really liked  the idea too)So there we were packing clothes ,doing last minute things ,getting ready to leave at 10pm. We did make it out of the house by 10:30 with kids in jammies and even the dishes got done.I did have to change my clothing plans as I was going to wash things that I wanted that night , and I did go buy socks for the kids today after we woke up because I was too lazy to match some up before we left.We got to lethbridge at 5am and were surprised to see that nana and papa had arrived already and were at the hotel.We were able to get our room alittle early for a ridiculas surcharge   and got some sleep. When the kids , who slept the whole drive , woke up we just sent them to my moms room and had a few more hours of sleep.They were quite surprised when the found out we were here. I talked to my mom on the phone and she asked where we were , I said”right above you in our room” LOL. Now we got to have extra time together and were able to go swimming , shopping and out for lunch.I am supossed to be finding out what movies are playing but I am enjoying quiet time alone with my laptop.


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Awful yucky weather

Growing up on the prairies I understand it can snow in all 12 months of the year (and has )But this SUCKS!!!Buses are cancelled in our county and I decided NOT to go out and drive B and M to school so we are all home today.We went to town last night for Beckies guitar (every other student cancelled)and the roads were actually not bad. We went about 90KM/h  . The graders and sanding trucks had been out , since we live off a major highway they are usually on it very quickly.We have sports tonight and I have a meeting before hand but I am sure things will be cleaned off again. Right now it is howling outside my house. Since we have ball diamonds across from us we get huge drifts in front of our house. We will have to use the back door to get out and shovel out the front door. ARGH.Time to just be nice and cozy in the house today.

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on the run

This has been a super busy week but what fun we’ve had. Some  of it was spent doing important things that needed to be done for my dad’s estate but alot was just plain enjoyment.I have been walking lately, not so much out of want but neccesity. Actually I have been enjoying it more and more. My friend Miss M is starting to drive in and we go walking together.She has to little ones (1 1/2 and 6 weeks) in the stroller and R has been pushing it.It has been nice getting to chat and know eachother even better .On wednesday I had some business to do in town for the morning. I needed to stop and pick up my book order from some homeschooling friends so they invited us for lunch .We ended up visiting all afternoon and I made it home just in time for B to get off the bus.We then left about 5 minutes later to go see  a family near us whose kids go to school with mine. The kids had been trying to make a play date and R wanted to see their animals.We played with the bunnies , snake ,salamander,gecko and some other lizards that I don’t remember the name of.We Left there in a hurry to make it home , eat the supper John made for us and leave for Bible study.I was home for about 1/2 hour the whole day but we had a lot of fun and I got to have some great visits with the ladies.Yesterday was not quite as busy. My friend came in and we went walking , did some school, made hamburger soup then R and I went to the Opera.We got to take friends with us as there were some people who had gotten tickets but couldn’t go.We went with our homeschool group  and it was a lot of fun.Besides a wrong turn on the way there we didn’t have any mishaps.We did laugh alot though.Then we stopped for a “snack” on our way home. We made it back home around 11pm.I was tired and slept soundly the whole night.This morning R is getting all four wisdom teeth out , so I think the rest of our day will be pretty quiet.I will grab a few groceries while she is at the dentist , then maybe take the kids to play at McDonalds or something to kill time.It should take about 2 1/2 hrs they said.Time to start gathering the troops .

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Good Weekend

I know , I know I haven’t written for awhile again.Life just seems to get so busy and when I finally have some quiet down time either I am too tired or just want to sit and veg out. We went to a homeschool conference this last weekend.It was our first year going and we enjoyed ourselves.We went to most of the main seakers sessions and although we didn’t agreee with all that was preached  said we did feel like we came away with alot.The kids all enjoyed them selves too. We had decided ahead of time that we weren’t going to go order a bunch of books and buys lots of stuff there. We wanted to just look and browse and think on things.I have to say I was exhausted though. Thursday night was a rough night for me , suffered a panic attack .When I finally got to sleep I only ended up with about 3 1/2 hrs .Friday night I crashed in the hotel.It was worth it all though , we had a good time  together as a family.Now today it is trying to get back into things.Had to do housework before we could do school this morning. I even had a nap this afternoon.

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Better news

So John had to go see the surgeon at the hospital this morning. He said that everything is FINE. Yes his lung looks battered abit and is not healed completely but it is all a normal part of recovery. The medical system sure peeves me off sometimes. We have the radiologist at the lab say air is leaing out. Dr. sends us to the ER.They say yes we see a hole leaking air into your chest cavity.Send us to different hospital to see the original surgeon who says nope it all looks fine.Nothing is wrong.Now don’t get me wrong I am SOOOOO happy that things are ok but what a rollercoaster.He did say he could be short of breath for 6 months to a year and be tired for quite awhile longer.Now I can relax , breathe jaime breathe.I was actually very calm this morning at the hospital.Praise God!!!1

Now we can still go to the homeschool conference this weekend.yay!!!!

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Not so Fun Monday

I just wrote this whole big story and lost it on here. ARGH . Anyways to now condense it all. My second fun monday is a no go because John’s lung is leaking air again. It has not collasped  again but we spent about 5 hrs at the ER tonight and are waiting to here from the surgeon in the morning.Not exactly sure what they will do this time.I have been alittle panicky tonight and didn’t handle the hospital thing well today.I think it is the stress of them. when John’s lung collasped and he was in the hospital in feb. I would feel like I was going to pass out every time I would go see him.I am not willing to go back on anxiety meds so I guess I had better get on my knees and work through this. Praise God He is able ! I am pretty sure the homeschool conference will not be in our plans anymore this weekend.Please Pray for us  , not only John but me and the kids as well.It is hard on them to see daddy sick.  There is my condensed version because I did not want to re write it all.

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