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Fun Monday

Well this is my first ever Fun Monday so I am a little nervous about it. Hopefully I was able to link it in properly as that was my first also.The topic this week is inspirational quotes.

“I am not where I want to be but thank God I am not where I used to be ”  -unknown

” For ever , O Lord , thy word is settled in heaven”- psalm 119:89

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”- Henry Ford

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight ,O Lord,my strength,and my redeemer”-Psalm19:14

“My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weekness” – The Lord , 2Corinthians 10:9

“No you don’t know thats why I’m telling you” -My Dad

“Better to be silient and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”- My Dad ( not sure of original author)

“Longsuffering begins when you can’t take any more” -Pastor Mike

“Humility begins in the heart, all Godly qualities begin in our heart , change starts in our heart first”-Pastor Mike

” Any advice opinion, advice or observation is free of charge”  Papa Stan 


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Birthday party success.

B’s party on saturday went well and we had lots of gun.It was a small group with 7 kids (including our young ones)but was probably better that way.The movie was cute , the kids all laughed alot. They were also the best behaved party there.We had another group behind us who were loud and kick the seats ALOT. Yes I did turn around.We spent the rest of the evening quietly as a family.Today we had alot of fun after church. B’s birthday is really tomorrow(monday) and my friend Miss T’s was today. We had cake after church and then some pinata fun. I got a pinata yesterday and filed it up with some gooodies. The kids AND adults had a great time and it sure was entertaining to watch.Good clean fun.Tomorrow I am going to try joining my first Fun Monday.We will see how it goes.

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Time Flies

Where have the days gone?I have wanted to write so many things this last week and every day seems to fly by with no chance to write.The kids are off on spring break right now.SinceB and M are off we decided to let R and C be off also.we have spent the week so far just having fun and being together. We spent the day at the Telus World of Science on tuesday and saw the Bugs Imax movie.The kids really enjoyed it.M had a friend sleep over one night and we had friends over for supper also.B turns 7 on monday so saturday is his B’day party.We are going to Horton Hears a Who at the movie theatre and he has 5 friends comming.The rest of the week is yard work .I have started 7 trays of seeds so far and I have a few more to go.This is my first try so hopefully all will work out.We will wait and see.

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The Difference between Boys and Girls

By my boy B.

This was the conversation at our house a few minutes ago when M wanted to look at the “dangerous book for boys” instead of the “daring book for girls”

me- M why don’t you look at the one for girls?

M -but i like red and that book is red

B-but you are a girl  , we just need to cut M’s hair

me-would she be a boy then?

B-she would look like one

me -what else is different between boys and girls (I asked for it didn’t I )

B-Girls wear dresses , m could wear our clothes

M- and panties I could pee standing up

me- girls can have babies and a boy can only be a daddy

B -yeah but boys can have dogs  , girls can only have cats.

So there you go , it has noting to do with reproductive organs it’s all about the animals.

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Attack of the Cat

Ok so my title may sound funny but in reality it is very true and sad.We had a cat. His name was smoky and we had had him for almost 2 yrs.He was fixed and had had all his vet visits. We really loved him and he was lots of fun. Even people who didn’t like cats said they liked him. He was cool. Kids carried , played ,slept etc. with him.The point of ll that is just to state that he was really a part of our home .We have our room in the basement and smoky loved to sleep up on our window ledge in our room.We have had an issue with a cat from across the street for a few months. BTW our cat was strictly an indoor cat , we live in town and I hate when people allow their cats to run all over town and mess in peoples yards.Anyways this cat across the street would come over and scratch at our bedroom window where smoky slept. We have gone and spoken to our neighbour many times and she just replies” I don’t know what I can do about it , the cat likes to be outside”. Anyways Friday morning the 2 cats were fighting through our window screen.John was in the room , he went to the window to scare the other cat away and our cat attacked his arm. Ok well I understand that he got inbetween them and cats can/will do that. What happened next was very scary. John flung the cat off his arm and laid down on the bed. Our cat jumped on him and attacked his face.Not just a little bit , He has alot of scratches/bites.I was on the phone outside our room and heard my grown husband screaming.The whole thing lasted maybe 20 seconds. I rn to the room and he looked up at me covered in blood. I mean just covered.I took him to the ER where they cleaned him up and gave him a shot. They contemplated stitches but since the sctatches fell together cleanly and you don’t have alot of movement on your nose/head they left them.Needless to say we no longer have our cat.We are still kinds shaken upover it. It was very out of character and has really saddened our family.As much as I am sorry John got hurt we are so thankful it was not one of our children or someone elses child.John is already on the antibiotics they would give for this because of his lung , so hopefully infections will stay away.He is quite sore and has some big punture marks on his arm which are painful .So there is the latest episode in our crazy life lately.

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Veggin out

Every night I think ” I should really post on my blog”. Then I get distracted and decided to do it the next day. On and On the cycle goes. We haven’t been all that busy around here the past few days. I mean yes we have had appointments everyday and such but it hasn’t felt to bad. I have done alot of just veggin out , playing on the computer or with my new toy. John bought me a Palm TX .So much nicer than carrying around a dayplanner.I even checked out peoples blogs from it and read my email.

Tuesday was a nice day. John had his surgeon appointment and things are going well. His lung is almost fully reinflated again. He will likely go back to work april1st.If he was still doing his regular job which is extremly physical then he would need to wait but snce he is on desk right now they will let him go back.Then we went out to BP’s for supper as a family. R didn’t have guitar because her sports group had archery that night. It was nice because it meant we got to come home 1 1/2 hrs earlier.

Wednesday R had ortho and john got to have his IV pic line taken out. He took all the kids with him and I had 4 hrs ALONE.Yes alone , no kids , no hubby just me. I chit chatted on the phone , had a bubble bath , played computer games. The only “work” I did was 2 loads of laundry.It felt wonderful.

Today I was a volenteer mom for my B and M’s school trip.It was to a nature center. Yay , so much fun to be on a school bus with about 40 5-8yr olds for an hour there and an hour home. I am so glad I never grew up as a bus kid. We got stuck at the back and boy was it bumpy. Our rough highways didn’t help matters any.The field trip was not that fun actually. Not much different that if we took a walk down our trails in town.Oh well I did my duty . I was sooo hoping to get out of it but there was no one else there to take my place.

So there was really the whole week so far. Nothing too exciting .

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The Weekend

Another nice weekend here. It is so beautiful outside , the snow is very quickly melting. Saturday got off to a lazy start. Slept in and lazed around  for most of the morning. M had a b’day party to go to so we all went to town around noon.Would have been abit later but we still hadn’t bought a present so we needed to do a little shopping first.After we dropped her off , John went to visit our friend who was in the hospital and I took the other 3 kids to run errands. I wanted to get a closet organizer for the boys room and finally found a wood one I liked. Also ended up buying 2 new bookshelves. They had them on sale from $70 to $26. Assembled and everything , they wanted to clear out old stock for new spring stuff.ONe will go in the boy’s room the other is for M. R already has too much stuff in her room.Since they were already put together we had to come home and get the truck , there was no way we could get them in the Suburban.Left the 3 kids at home , got M , picked up bookshelves and got groceries.Ended up being a 7 hour day gone from home again.Same thing again today . After church we went to the In Laws for a b’day party. Had a nice time but didn’t get back home until about 6:30.Tomorrow will be the only nice quiet  day of the week.Which really means I will need to get busy on house work and really push school work too.Can’t wait for summer holidays already!!!

P.S there was no picture of R from snowboarding because she was on top of the hill the wholetime and I wasn’t walking up there to take a picture

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Beautiful time

CBM learning to ski.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.Our kids went skiing/snowboarding with our homeschool group.B and M had never gotten to go before so it was quite the excitment for them. Since our lesons were at 9:15 it was almost like a private lesson for them.B and M only had one other boy in their lesson. C only had one lady(mom of boy in B & C’s lesson)and she stopped the lesson part way through.I don’t ski or snowboard but would like to learn if I ever lose the weight.John does but has not been able to for the last year due to back inujuries.It was a little tiring at times helping B and M when they first got started but by the end of the day they were doing it without any help at all.We were so tired last night. R and C have a bit of a sunburn on their faces. The weather was wonderful and nice +8.We went for supper with my in laws afterwards but ended up bringing most of it home because we were too tired to eat.

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Bad attitude

Yeppers that’s what I have.Can’t seem to shake it.I have just had a horrible attitude since monday night. I know it is wrong ,I know I need to smarten up yet I just don’t want to. I want to wallow in my misery.How grown up right?I have spent some quiet time alone, I have spent time in prayer but still I just won’t let it go.Maybe I just need to sleep way my grumpiness.

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technical trouble

It has been awhile since my last  I could not sign in to my blog.Things are working now though.Things have been busy of course but also kinda quiet in a weird sort of combination.We have spent alot of time at home in the last week just hanging out together . Much needed of course. B really needed some time with us , he has been a little clingy lately and even wants to stay home from school.He is our sensitive one and he has really big emotions so with so much going on lately he has not been himself.On Thursday we went to 2 hospitals to visit different people (my friend M had a baby boy)and was out til the evening.Friday John, R and C along with our friend J and his 2 kids and our Pastor M all went to the car show in the city. B , M and I went over to Miss T’s house and spent the time with her. We ran and got a few things (I got new shirts for M for $1.98)then had panini sands. for lunch and made some super-tonic stuff.It is a combination of 5 natural foods you can buy in the store. We know a family who takes it everyday and have never used antibiotics .It looks pretty weird but didn’t smell too bad.We will see how it tastes.Sat. was a nice family day , with a trip to the dump thrown in. No I didn’t bring anything home wth me just left a truck full there.. We watched a few movies over the weekend also and just hung out. Sunday was potluck after church and we usually never make it home before 2-3 anyways. Church is only about 7 mins away so it’s not like a long trip .Today wad Dr. appointments and more just hanging out together. I plan on getting back to school hopefully tomorrow afternoon .I know school is important but it has just been more important to have some sanity and family time. John has an appointment with the infectious disease doctors tomorrow who will hopefully say his IV therapy can stop . Boy will it be nice not to have to fool with those stupid tubes everyday.So although we have been on the go alittle bit it had been nice to kinda just be on our own schedule.

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