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Just another wednesday

It has been a nice day , nothing too wild or exciting just nice. I got to sleep in this morning. John got up with B for school and the rest of slept in(until10) it felt very nice. I have been soooooo tired lately. Haven’t caught up on all my missed sleep. Then I got up and did some housework as we were having Bible study at our tonight. Took R on a very cool field trip.It was to a salt water aquarium store where they do lots of research and cool things. It was pretty interesting. I wasn’t there for the whole thing , I dropped R off and ran to walmart  then I came back. I was there for over half though.Came back home and did more housework , had to give John his IV , chatted on the phone to B’s teacher.It would be so  nice if you could clean something and then it would be good for about a month or so. I don’t know how things can get so out of hand around here so quickly.Anyways the day was just a nice normal sort of day. The evening was a little exciting.Friends of ours are expecting a little one. She was actually due on Mon.  They ended up leaving our house early to head to the hospital. (it was actually really funny but I don’t want to share details without M’s permission)How very exciting!!!I can’t wait to see this new little one.Hopefully things will go beautifully for them and I know we will be saying alot of prayers for them around our house.My younger children were actually being taught by them in Childrens Church tonight when this happened and are still oblivious to what is going on.Tomorrow should be a quiet day , school to do , B and M are both getting awards tomorrow so I will go to the school for that at 11:30.I think John wants to go visit a couple people at the hospital in the afternoon and hopefully maybe on the way we can visit the new baby too.


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Mild Monday

Well things have definatly calmed down around here now. No major illnesses or mishaps.It was really a nice day today. Took John to get his stitches out (I would have done it but he wouldn’t let me)and get some blood tests done. Had to go get more elastics for R’s braces as she lost a bag and was out. Then we went to Costco for groceries. Man oh man I hate buying groceries. $1000 and 2 carts later we made it home. Of course what I really hate about grocery shopping is the fact that things need to be put away afterwards.R and C hauled it ALL in from the truck for me though. They are young , it is good for them.Then I got to just hang out abit this afternoon, chit chatted on the phone (hiT)and read some. John took 3 young kids with him to get a BBQ part so R and I watched Little House onthe Prarie and then I went to my homeschool meeting. It was a very good meeting (thanks to the 2 D’s) and it felt quite personal. I joined some of the ladies at Timmies afterwards for fellowship. Which was also very nice as I got to have a really good conversation with another lady. All in all a nice calm kind of day.Nice to have every once in awhile.

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a long time

It’s been a long while since I have written a blog but today has been a little quieter giving me some time.John came home on tuesday and it is wonderful to have him around here again. Wednesday we had to go to community care where they taught me to hook up his IV everyday. So far so good , it hasn’t been too bad.He has to go in every monday for blood tests and for them to change dressing/take stitches out.My kids wanted to go skiing on monday but mommy needs to be chauffeur for awhile , so they will have to miss this one too. Today was my first day not going to the hospital after 15 days. Thursday was going really nice , we had friends over for supper , had a nice visit together. Got kids put to bed and John and I came down stairs to hang out. Next thing we know B  is crying . He had put a LEGO up his nose. Ok have a good laugh it is funny I know. Well he had tried to get it out with his finger which of course just pushed it further up.It was not a big piece , it was a money lego from his pirate set.We tried plugging the one side and having him blow but it would not move. He sneezed a bunch but it would not budge. So off to the hospital I went.I told John I could not take one more night at the hospital , I was so tired. Phoned a few friends to ask them to pray things would go quickly , and I am sure they did once they stopped laughing ( you all know who you are !!!!! hehe)Well it turned out they had to put him out to be able to remove it.It was quite the night. B had a rough time comming out of the anesthetic and of course it was 12:30 at this time so he was super tired too.When they said I could take him home , I pulled into the ambulance bay , carried him out to the car and he says”mommy I gonna throw up” YEP he sure did.All over the car , himself , the ambulance bay , back into the trauma room and all over the bed. The poor little guy. The doctor and I managed to get him undressed (down to undies and socks) and get everything cleaned up so he could lay down again.We stayed another hour then I brought him home wrapped up and a warm hosptial blanket.Once we got home was the real challenge trying to carry the 60 pound boy on the ice , then up the stairs into the house. John went to carry him but I shot some daggers  at him and said “don’t you even dare” he is not allowed to lift anything over 5 pounds and He certainly doesn’t need any complications.We finally got all settled and I slept with B on the futon. I just wanted to keep an eye on him through the night .It all turned out in the end and he is just fine. He is just like his parents  , both John and I put rocks up our noses as kids.I did ask him why he did it and he said” I put it in there 2 times already and it came out”Yep that my boy B there is no one like him.

Yesterdays hospital visit (#15)was just to visit a friend of Johns. Since he is not supposed to drive I got to go too.Hopefully things will be less interesting around here from now on.

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Happy Valentines Day

Not real romantic around here although I did have a little close time with John this morning. Helping him walk down the hall at the hospital.He had surgery last night and all has gone well.I was alittle upset because they would not tell me a single thing until this morning . Only the Doctors are allowed to tell you how things went and so I had to go for about 13 hrs wondering how my hubby was. Needless to say I shed a few tears.I had my friend T with me and Johns parents last night while he was in surgery , I was so thankful to not be alone and it sure made the time go by a little faster.My mom and stepdad are up taking care of my kids and house. Thanks mom for all the cleaning..Hopefully this afternoon we will know alittle more info and have some idea when he is comming home.Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers 

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In the City

Well yesterday was a long day. John went into the hospital for his regular check in the morning and they decided he needed to go to the city for surgery.I had stayed home in the morning thinking it was just a quick check at the ER  so he phoned me at about noon and I took C and went in to see him.They didn’t have a bed for him in the city so he needed to wait a bit but around 3 they transferred him in.Then it was the waiting game again.I drove to friends who live fairly close to the hospital to park there and they drove me and C over to see him. Spent most of the evening there. They got him all ready for surgery and we were just waiting for the surgeon to finish the surgery he was in. Well then they cancelled his surgery and put him on call for surgery today. I mean it is a good thing if he doesn’t need to have it , the surgeon wanted to wait and monitor him some more .It is just frustrating not knowing what is going on or when it will happen. I have R at home with B and M because I was not expecting to stay in last night but I was just too tired to drive home.So C and I stayed at our friends and will go see John this morning then go home quickly (well as quick as possible) shower etc, grab the other 3 kids and come back in to the hospital.We  will skip the kids sports tonight , it is just too much to try and fit in.Hopefully they will have some better answers today 

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technical difficulties

First I want to thank Colours of Dawn for my beautiful award. I have tried posting it on my sidebar(even followed instructions) but so far all I can manage is the code to show up.    It has been a nice ,quiet day around here .Hubby had a good appointment at the hospital this morning. The bleeding has slowed down and the blood pool seems to be getting smaller. He is still leaking air though which they hope will end soon.Back again tomorrow in the morning then an appointment with the specialist in the afternoon.We went to church and then spent a lazy day on the couch and hanging out.I am ready for an early night as I have kinda had a rotten attitide today (sorry ladies) and could use some alone time.Hopefully tomorrow will be another good appointment and tubes will be ready to come out soon. I still can’t get the time to stay right on my blog  , just incase any of you look at it and think I am still up all night.HEHE                

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Hanging out

JohnIt was an alright day. Hubby and I slept in until 9 which was soooo nice. He went to the hospital and he got another x ray and checked over again.He is pretty tired and sore today.Has been in bed ever since we got home  and I expect he will probably remain there for the rest of the night.Then it’s back again tomorrow for another check.Every time you go you see a different doctor ,you have to retell your whole history and problem , it ends up being quite frustrating.Me and the kids have had a relaxing evening so far. I fed them popcorn for supper and we watched Little House on the Prarie together on the couch. Now I have B in the tub and the others will have their turns afterwards. John called each of the kids into our bedroom just for a hug and kiss and a short visit. I was in there when m came so she laid on the bed between John and I. You know how one subject turns into another etc until your conversation is no where near what you started talking about. Well we ended up talking about being married and how a man proposes. M said nope she wants to stay with us forever. I asked here if she was going to take care of us when we were old , and she said yes. Then I told her she would have to change us and feed us and wipe our bums (hehe) she decided that she will wipe mommys bum and get daddy dressed. YES Ok our family is weird I know but it was really funny at the time.

I am happy to just relax tonight. When the little ones are in bed I think I will have a hot bath and read my book.My friend S taped an Oprah show for me about clutter and how it hurts your home. I think I might watch that tonight too although I think it will probably make me depressed about all my clutter.Oh well there’s time to tackle that later on.

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Thank you for all your wonderful comments /e-mails of support. I still haven’t slept anymore yet BUT I do have a better attitude right now.I spent a quiet morning on the couch watching a movie with the kids then we all went to town for Johns CT scan. We brought the portable DVD players and the kids just watched a movie. Our Pastor and Miss T met us there and so we got to have a good visit and company while we waited.There was a delay so we had an extra hour wait.We made it back home for about 1 1/2 hrs before we were off again. John’s tube kept bleeding more and more and since the Dr told us to be back either tonight or sat. morning we opted for tonight. R had a babysitting job for tonight so I brought the other 3 kids out to our friends farm for the night and then brought john back to the hospital. We got in very quick as they were prepared for him comming back over the next few days.Then we thought we might be in for another long night because the Dr figured they were going to remove the tube and go with the older method of a larger tube under the ribs which is more invasive and requires a min. of 2 days in the hospital. well they ended up just changing his valve and sending him home for the night to sleep and we get to go back again first thing in the morning.This does at least mean sleep for me tonight. YAY!!!So I figure I should get 7 hrs for sure anyways. After my body winds down a bit first.Hopefully tomorrow things will look better and they won’t have to do a different procedure.

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night in ER

Well we spent 12 hours at the hospital last night.They put a tube in Johns chest and drained it and reinflated his lung. Now he has a CT scan this afternoon and then we go back to the hospital everyday for the next 4 days.Got home at 6 am and got up at 8 am with kids.So tired is way beyond already.

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Fun in the kitchen

Today was learning day for our 3 youngest children. R is at work and already knows how to do these tasks .I have been working  with the younger ones lately for them to do more chores and do them properly. I admit I am a lazy mom when it comes to this . I don’t have enough patience in teaching them to do it properly so I end up doing it myself half way through. Tonight is stew for supper and the kids were begging to help so I figured  it was as good as time as any to teach them. C learned to peel  potatoes carrots and parsnips. B learned to peel potatoes and to clean up ALL the mess afterwards. M learned to peel carrots and put away the dishes nicely.We filled my big castiron dish and have it cooking in the oven .I know it is important for kids to work (we are all for childlabor in OUR house)and I want mine to have more responsibilities and a good work ethic.I also know that it is my job to teach them how to do it .Something I definalty need to take more time doing.I know they will not just become  teenagers doing it all right if I don’t first teach them .

Not sure if we will actually get to eat the stew tonight as Hubby is not feeling good and the DR. has suggested that we go to the ER.Hubby wanted a nap first and they said that is alright as long as he feels he can wait.

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